Alsa bus

alsa bus

What is ALSA bus?

Alsa Bus, is a bus company based in Madrid, Spain. It offers departures in 7 countries, such as Spain, Portugal, and France. It is one of the many bus companies in Spain, as it offers more than 4077 daily departures, mostly from cities like Madrid, Malaga, and Benidorm. Alsa Bus operates regular bus lines.

Can I buy ALSA tickets directly on the bus?

As they are mostly long-distance buses, Alsa tickets are not usually bought directly on the bus. The company has several types of tickets that you can buy online in advance so you dont have to worry about anything the day you travel: What are the types of Alsa ticktes? Minimum Fare: the cheapest, no changes or cancellations allowed.

What is the ALSA fare change policy?

If your fare allows it, you can change Alsa tickets up to 2 hours before departure only once and for free. If you want to stop travelling, you can cancel and get a full refund if you do so 48 hours before departure, and if requested between 48 and 24 hours, 10% will be applied to the refund.

What is ALSA bus company in Spain?

Travel by bus with ALSA ALSA is a Spanish bus company offering an extensive network of bus routes in Spain and across Europe. ALSA possesses a modern fleet including 3,465 buses, which transport more than 358 million passengers per year. ALSA offers you some of the most modern and comfortable buses in Europe.

Why choose ALSA as your bus operator?

Founded in 1889, ALSA stands for quality service and punctuality and has a long tradition of innovation and excellence. It’s no wonder they’re the Spanish flagship among bus operators. 4. WiFi is available on most buses Yep, you read right! There is free WiFi available on most city routes in Spain.

What types of buses are available at ALSA?

ALSA has many types of buses offering a range of services from Premium to Regular. All of ALSAs classes are available on Busbud so you can choose the travel class that suits you most according to your budget and schedule. ALSA is the bus company with the most extensive coverage in Spain.

Can I change or cancel my ALSA tickets?

Tickets may be changed for the first time, or cancelled, free of charge, if done at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. Alsa Plus customers may change or cancel tickets free of charge up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. No changes may be made to regional tickets for routes in Asturias and Cantabria.

How do I use Alsa ticket holders?

TICKET HOLDERS Tickets bought via official ALSA electronic channels are made out in the name of the passenger. When using these tickets, it is necessary to show the passengers NATIONAL ID CARD or PASSPORT, the number on which must coincide with that on the ticket.

How do I book The return trip for ALSA?

The return trip for tickets purchased online can be booked directly on Open return national tickets covering a distance of 150 km or more, with a price (outgoing trip not including discounts and taxes included) of €10 or more, will be subject to a surcharge of €1.60, to be paid at the time of purchase.

How long are ALSA return tickets valid for?

“Open return” tickets for Long distance trips are valid for six months from the date they are issued. Return tickets for regional services are valid for seven calendar days (starting on the date of the outgoing trip). The return trip for tickets purchased online can be booked directly on

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