Bet and you

bet and you

What does “You Bet” mean?

In the South, as we like to call it here, the reply You bet is an extremely common phrase. As Andrew Ng pointed out, using the response You bet! is about like saying: Sure! Anytime! Absolutely man! No problem! I really enjoyed it!

How do you respond when someone says you Bet?

Usually it is Thank you or Great to be with you or My pleasure. Often they respond with You bet, which really puzzles me. I am aware of the idiom, but even that doesnt make sense in this situation.

What does the idiomYou Betmean?

The phrase you bet is the equivalent of saying thats for sure.. Essentially, the speaker is replying in the affirmative. The extension of the idiom to the context of a radio show can be interpreted to mean you can count on me..

Is it rude to say “you bet” to a guest?

Replying with you bet is positive feedback that the guest has fulfilled his role. he is telling the guest that his time is appreciated — exactly. So, You bet as a response sounds like Of course my time is appreciated! or Of course you are grateful, which to me seems rude.

What does the termYou Betmean?

I often hear the term you bet!. What does it mean? Show activity on this post. It means that some is sure of what they say, that they are (figuratively) ready to bet on it. The New Oxford American Dictionary has:

What does “bet” mean?

The term bet ( informal) is used when somebody doesnt believe you in any circumstance, or used as a reply by a person when someone doesnt believe in them. Male 1: Nigga bet I can I can jump over that car. Male 2: Bet! (Almost in a confused tone .) Get the Bet mug. “Bet” is commonly used to mean that you are down to do something.

How do you use you Bet in a sentence?

You use You bet or you bet your life to say yes in an emphatic way or to emphasize a reply or statement . Its settled, then?—You bet.

Would you like this piece of Pie you Bet?

The New Oxford American Dictionary has: you bet: (informal) you may be sure; certainly: “Would you like this piece of pie?” — “You bet!” Informally, it means enthusiastic agreement with a premise or question. Do you think you can find a home for this puppy?

My friend says it when I mention Im thinking about doing something. He is basically telling me to do it in a joking way. Ex: I jokingly say Im going to kill myself and hell say bet. Is this still revelant? Its a response to someone that denies you will do something.

How do you respond toYou Betin English?

What does you Bet mean?

You bet! It is an emphatic way of saying yes. A native of the USA will perhaps confirm that this is an abbreviation of you bet your bottom dollar. PS: We dont use you bet in BE in the context of your first question (restaurant manager).

What is a good sentence for you Bet?

Tom: Thank you. Jane: You bet. Sally: I appreciate it. Mary: You bet. ( informal) certainly: ‘Would you like an ice cream?’ ‘You bet!’ ♢ ‘Are you hungry?’ ‘You bet I am!’ interj. Yes.; You can bet on it.

What does Ill bet you were mean?

informal(also Ill bet) › said to show that you understand why someone has a particular opinion or feels a particular way: Im so annoyed with her.. Ill bet.. I was so relieved I didnt have to clean up after the party.. I bet you were..

What is the meaning of you bet Mary?

Mary: You bet. ( informal) certainly: ‘Would you like an ice cream?’ ‘You bet!’ ♢ ‘Are you hungry?’ ‘You bet I am!’ interj. Yes.; You can bet on it.

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