What to do in lagos

what to do in lagos

What to do in Lagos Nigeria?

25 Fun Things to Do in Lagos Nigeria [+What Not to Do] 1 Experience African Art at the Nike Centre for Art and Culture Me with Nike herself! ... 2 Get Educated at the Kalakuta Republic Museum Have you ever heard of Fela Kuta? ... 3 Watch a Concert at the New Afrika Shrine

Where to go kayaking in Lagos?

Kayak tour in Lagos to visit the caves and snorkel. 1. Ponta da Piedade Due to a karstic erosion of mesozoic limestone the whole area is a labyrinth of caves, arches, islets and vertical… 2. Praia Dona Ana In its place a huge expanse of largely flat gray dust, grit and razor sharp broken shells dredged from the ocean floor… 3. Praia do Camilo

Which is the best beach in Lagos Portugal?

Praia de Dona Ana One of the closest beaches to the old centre of Lagos is also up there with the finest in the area. Praia de Dona Ana is just up from Praia do Camilo and is framed by those enchanting cliffs, streaked with yellow and red.

Does Lagos have a cultural scene?

Other Cultural Venues It helps to remember that Lagos isn’t just a tourist destination, but a healthy town with its own cultural scene. The Centro Cultural (CCL) is an arts venue, with an auditorium seating 300 and an extensive temporary exhibition area with three galleries.

What are the top attractions in Lagos?

Top Attractions in Lagos 1. Lekki Conservation Centre. Its an untouched natural vegetation that houses various plant and animal species. 2. Tarkwa Bay Beach. This is the original lighthouse that guided entry into Lagos harbour. 3. Freedom Park Lagos. The park is the renovated and repurposed space ...

What are the best places to visit in Nigeria?

The Nigerian National Museum is a good place to see ancient distinguished Nigerian archaeological and ethnographic artworks. Located at Onikan in Lagos Island. A popularly acclaimed urban nature park rich in landscape, greenery, and wildlife, it is excellent for recreational activities.

What to do in Lekki Lagos?

1 Lekki Conservation Centre 547 Nature & Wildlife Areas By VictorO790 Its an untouched natural vegetation that houses various plant and animal species. 2 Tarkwa Bay Beach 44 Beaches By W0r1d_Tv1182 This is the original lighthouse that guided entry into Lagos harbour. 2020 3 Freedom Park Lagos

How to spend your time in Lagos?

Read on for 11 of the best ways to spend your time in Lagos: the bold, brash, and fascinating heart of Nigeria. Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the citys best beaches, made special by its location on an island near the mouth of Lagos Lagoon.

What are the best beaches in Lagos?

Praia dos Estudantes is one of the best beaches in Lagos, especially in terms of natural beauty. The tiny stone bridge that spans a gap high in the adjacent headland is one of Praia dos Estudantes’ most recognizable features. To view it, you’ll have to duck through a tunnel leading to the southern end of the beach.

What are the best beaches to visit in Portugal?

Clean sand, easy to park nearby, sea a little chilly and it can get windy here but hard to fault this beautiful long... 4. Praia do Canavial 5. Praia da Boneca 6. Praia dos Pinheiros The access to this wind sheltered beach with shadow in the evevening Beginns just before you reach a Tony farm house...

Where are the best beach holidays in the Algarve?

Lagos is situated on the beautiful western Algarve, and is a fantastic destination for a beach holiday. This region is blessed with a stunning coastline of towering cliffs, hidden coves and vast expanses of pristine sands.

What is it like to live in Lagos?

Lagos is a small town in the littoral Algarve region. Being a part of a stunning sea-fringed area, it boasts beautiful Atlantic beaches. Replete with water sports, flanking rocky cliffs, and hidden coves, the beaches in Lagos make dreamy destinations for a seaside vacation.

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