Why choose SBL?

For over 20 years SBL has been exceeding the expectations of social basketball players in Sydney with features and benefits previously unseen in local basketball competitions. The team at SBL are always striving to adopt first to technology and deliver the best basketball in Sydney.

What is sblconnect?

SBLConnect is a place to find a local connection, make contact with a regional group or find and connect with other SBLs online. The SBLtwitter community is growing every day and new voices are being heard.

What is the Como super light?

The Como Super Light is a low-maintenance joy machine, equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun. Carry it down stairs, zip across town, pack it full of groceries, it’s ready to take flight. It also just so happens to double your power when you pedal—with super-smooth assistance that makes you feel like the superhero you are.

What does SBL mode include?

SBL also includes the Network Access Manager tile and allows connections using user configured home network profiles. Network profiles allowed in SBL mode include all media types employing non-802.1X authentication modes, such as open WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal, and static key (WEP) networks.

What is SBL?

SBL mirrors the workplace and provides you with real world challenges allowing you to demonstrate a blend of technical, practical and professional skills. Work through the Ethics and Professional Skills module either before you start, or alongside your studies.

What did SBL care do for B?

Hannah McDonnellPlacement and Commissioning Team, Hull City Council SBL Care provided an excellent service to B, the staff attended all meetings about him and advocated strongly on his behalf when necessary, this included attending some very challenging court appearances with B, his parents and many other professionals.

When is SBL the best option?

Nevertheless, SBL works best when used for short periods of time in situations that demand a significant amount of cash quickly such as an emergency or a bridge loan . SBL also provides a number of benefits to the lender.

How does the process of buying an SBLC work?

The process starts when the buyer applies for an SBLC at a commercial bank. The bank will perform its due diligence

What is the range-extender battery for Como super light bikes?

All of our Como Super Light bikes are compatible with the SL Range-Extender Battery, which gives you an extra 50% of your riding distance depending on mode. Worried about having enough power to get home again?

Can I charge my Como SL with the range extender?

Not only can you take the Range Extender with you to charge at your destination, but you can use the Mission Control app to adjust how your bike draws from both batteries, then input your trip information so the bike manages everything to get you home with plenty of power. Connect your bike to your phone to get the most out of your Como SL.

Do I need to mess around with the Como SL?

No need to mess around with the Como SL—just charge up and it’s ready to ride. The internal gear hub (IGH) keeps the gears housed and sealed inside the rear hub, protecting them even at the most packed bike rack, and the optional Gates belt drive doesn’t need lubrication like a chain does.

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