How do I access the swimrankings manager?

In your internet browser, please go to https://www.swimrankings.net/manager to access the Swimrankings Manager: If you dont have an account, you may create a new one. Accounts are always bound to a personal email address. Select Entries in the top menu bar. In the list you can see the meets, available for entries.

How do I view the event times and swim rankings?

If you would like to view the event times and swim rankings for a particular swimmer, please enter the name of the swimmer and/or swim team, and click on the Search button. PACK v. SWSF Christmas Dual (12/22/2021)

How do I contact World Para Swimming?

Therefore, if you encounter incorrect or missing information please contact World Para Swimming at info@WorldParaSwimming.org . To make it easier to follow your request, please provide first name, last name, country and clearly identify the competition it relates to.

Is there a fee for Swimclub manager?

SwimClub Manager does NOT add any extra fees or charges when your members pay via card or direct debit. All fees are taken via the respective 3rd party payment provider (eg Stripeand GoCardless). Is there a limit to the amount of members we can add? Nope, you can add as many members/users as you need.

How do I download and install meet manager for Splash?

Download the latest Meet Manager Installer (see below). You will need your Splash usernumber and password to login to this site. Launch the installer from your download folder by double-clicking the install_Meet.exe file. Click Next and read the Software License Agreement carefully.

Do I need splash to login to Wikimedia?

The Splash user login cannot be used to login to the WikiMedia website (link in top right corner of the site). Its only needed when you click an install package for download.

What are the World Para swimming rules and regulations?

Rules: the World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations comprised of the General Provisions, the World Para Swimming Regulations and the World Para Swimming Competition Rules.

How do I licence an event with World Para-Swimming?

To licence an event with World Para-Swimming you need to apply through British Swimming and they apply on your behalf. The British Para-Swimming calendar provides a comprehensive listing of the competition, camps and meetings calendar for the sport of para-swimming

How many countries do Para swimmers come from?

HISTORY OF PARA SWIMMING Para swimming is practised internationally by athletes in nearly 100 countries and has featured in every edition of the Paralympic Games, growing into one of the biggest and most attractive sports. At the first Rome 1960 Paralympic Games, 77 swimmers from 15 countries competed in the sport.

How do I apply for a World Para swimming record?

10.17.9 Applications for records must be made on the World Para Swimmingofficial form by the responsible authority of the LOC and must be accompanied by a copy of the AOE output. The World Para Swimming application form shall be received within fifteen (15) days of the record setting performance.

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