Ronaldo man united

ronaldo man united

How did Cristiano Ronaldo become so good at Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo exhausted all superlatives during his first spell with Manchester United, while he matured from an inexperienced, young winger in 2003 into officially the best footballer on the planet in 2009.

Where will Cristiano Ronaldo Go Now?

Cristiano Ronaldo got his move away from Juventus, as the legendary forward is agreed to re-join Manchester United, the Premier League club have confirmed and now everything is sealed.

Which clubs in Europe could afford to sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

There are very few clubs in Europe who could afford to sign Ronaldo but the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United and PSG are among them.

What happened to Cristiano Ronaldo at Euro 2008?

At Euro 2008, Ronaldo’s future was again the subject of claim and counter-claim. Happily, in the end, he pledged his allegiance to United, although ankle surgery delayed his start to the 2008/09 campaign. He made his return as a substitute against Villarreal in the Champions League and was given a rousing home reception.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo stay at Manchester United?

Got it! The Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has stated his belief that Cristiano Ronaldo will remain at the club for next season. Eight days ago the Portuguese player let the club know that he wished to leave Old Trafford this summer if they received an acceptable offer for him.

What makes Cristiano Ronaldo so good?

Also particularly notable was the fact that Ronaldo worked on so many different areas of his game. During his period at Manchester United, it felt like with every passing season, the Portuguese could do something new.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a brand or an industry?

But with Ronaldo it can feel a little complicated. His Twitter following dwarfs that of Manchester United by 67 million, his Instagram following stands at 336 million to Uniteds 46 million. He is not so much a brand as an industry. And he trades on success. Manchester United did win in his absence but not for long.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the most complete player in the world?

Cristiano Ronaldo has evolved into the most complete attacking player in the world, but its worth remembering how badly he struggled, at times, during his first year in English football. Yes, he made an instant impact, both for and against Manchester United.

Which club can afford to pay Cristiano Ronaldo?

3. Man City Man City are one of the few clubs in the world that can afford Ronaldo’s current €30 million-a-year salary. City were very close to signing Ronaldo last summer, only to see their deal hijacked at the last minute by Man Utd.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo find a new club next season?

This has led to numerous reports that Ronaldo will find himself a new club next season, something that will certainly happen it seems if United dont make it into the top four. So which clubs could buy him?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo for sale at Manchester United?

Manchester United are, publicly, saying Ronaldo isn’t for sale. But the Red Devils could still part ways with the Portugal international if they receive an offer too good to turn down, with the likes of Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Napoli and Roma all being linked.

Could Cristiano Ronaldo join Napoli as a forward?

However, Napoli already have a high-profile forward in Victor Osimhen, who scored 14 goals in Serie A last season. They also have Lorenzo Insigne out wide. Its possible Ronaldo could join and play as a winger, but again he is more suited to playing as a striker nowadays and that option wouldnt really be available at Napoli.

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