Marc overmars

marc overmars

Who is Marc Overmars and what did he do?

(CNN) Marc Overmars will leave his position as Ajaxs Director of Football Affairs after sending inappropriate messages to female colleagues, the Dutch football club announced on Sunday. The 48-year-old former Dutch international -- who played for Ajax, Arsenal, and Barcelona, among others, during his playing career -- had held the role since 2012.

Why did David Overmars leave Barcelona?

Due to a persistent knee injury, he announced his retirement from football in July 2004 and left Barcelona without compensation. In July 2008, Overmars played in Jaap Stam s testimonial match in a team of former Stam-mates against Ajax.

What is the Overmars scandal?

M arc Overmars stepped down from his role as Director of Football at Ajax due to inappropriate messages sent to female colleagues. The former Barcelona, Arsenal and Ajax players scandal has left many football fans across the world shocked at the news, leading him to release a statement. I am ashamed, Overmars statement read.

Does Marc Overmars have an open goal at Ajax?

Marc Overmars biedt Ajax een kans voor open doel [Marc Overmars Ajax provides an open goal]. Voetbal International (in Dutch). Amsterdam. Retrieved 29 January 2014.

What is Marc Overmars famous for?

Marc Overmars ( Dutch: [ˈmɑrk ˈoːvərmɑrs] (listen), born 29 March 1973) is a Dutch former footballer and the current director of football at Ajax. During his footballing career, he played as a winger and was renowned for his speed and technical skills. Overmars was born in Emst and was passionate about football...

Why did Marc Overmars leave Ajax?

MARC OVERMARS left Ajax with immediate effect, the club announced on Sunday night. The former Arsenal and Holland star was found to have sent inappropriate messages to female colleagues. Why did Marc Overmars leave Ajax?

What has happened to Overmars?

Overmars, a renowned winger in his playing days for Ajax, Arsenal, Barcelona and the Netherlands, said he was “ashamed” after being confronted by the club in the last week about his behaviour. “Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that I was crossing the line with this, but that was made clear to me in recent days,” he said in a statement.

Who is Marinus Overmars?

Former Barcelona and Arsenal star Overmars had held the director of football position at Ajax for just under a decade and has recently been linked with a post at Premier League side Newcastle United.

What happened to Marc Overmars?

T he football world is still reeling after the scandal that has led Marc Overmars to leave his position as director of football at Ajax, with reports stating that this was due to inappropriate messages sent to colleagues. Overmars has been a key figure at Ajax since his appointment back in 2012 and his departure came as a great shock.

What has Edwin van der Sar said about the Overmars scandal?

Edwin van der Sar, a former star goalkeeper who is currently Ajax’s chief executive and who played with Overmars at Ajax in the 1990s, called the situation “appalling” and said that the club would pay more attention to matters of misconduct in the near future. “A safe sport and working climate is very important,” van der Sar said.

Will Overmars be charged with criminal offence?

Overmars, who issued a statement apologising for his behaviour in the immediate aftermath of the scandal breaking, may face criminal consequences for his actions, according to Het Parool.

Who is Hans Overmars and what did he do?

Overmars, 48, had been director of football affairs at AFC Ajax, the Amsterdam soccer team, since 2012. He had recently renewed his contract until June 2026, according to Ajax, which announced the resignation late Sunday. Many details remained unclear, including whether charges had been filed against Overmars.

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