Phil collins doença

phil collins doença

What has happened to Phil Collins?

LEGENDARY rock star Phil Collins sparked concern among fans during his last ever Genesis gig in March 2022. The singer has actually been battling a string of health struggles for nearly 15 years.

Does Phil Collins still play the drums for Genesis?

The musician, who is 70, appeared on BBC Breakfast with his Genesis band members to promote the groups reunion tour, and Collins said his son, Nic Collins, will be drumming with the band going forward. As for not drumming, Collins said, Id love to but you know, I mean, I can barely hold a stick with this hand.

Is Phil Collins in a wheelchair?

A close-up of Phil Collins in a suit along with a candid photo of Collins giving the thumbs up on a wheelchair. Phil Collins worried his fans in 2021 when he revealed that he had been suffering from serious health problems.

Why does Phil Collins wear a cane?

Apparently, it was caused by a foot drop condition which he acquired from his back surgery. Since then, he started using a cane and has been wearing orthopedic shoes. Around the same time, Collins was also battling acute pancreatitis or fast inflammation and swelling of the pancreas.

Phils son Nicholas, who is known as Nic, has taken over as the bands drummer, with Phil staying on as lead singer. Here is how as a teenager Nic became the drummer of one of the worlds biggest bands. Who is Nicholas Collins?

Is Phil Collins in a wheelchair after a fall?

Phil Collins has suffered a fall on stage in North Carolina just a day after being pictured looking frail in a wheelchair. The 68-year-old Against All Odds singer, who as a result of debilitating back pain can only walk short distances and uses a stick, is on his Not Dead Yet tour of the US, in which he performs sitting on a chair.

What happened to Phil Collins?

Please try again later. Phil Collins has suffered a fall on stage in North Carolina just a day after being pictured looking frail in a wheelchair.

Why does Phil Collins now perform sitting in a chair?

October 1, 2019, 11:54 PM · 2 min read. Phil Collins now performs sitting in a chair because he suffers from debilitating back pain (Getty Images) Phil Collins has suffered a fall on stage in North...

Why is Phil Collins using a walking aid?

Phil Collins was all smiles as he reunited with his Genesis bandmates this week, using a walking aid as he headed to rehearsals in London. The 69-year-old music legend, famed for tracks like In The Air Tonight and Another Day In Paradise, has suffered from back problems in recent years, having undergone intensive back surgery.

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