Bike zone

bike zone

Who is the bike zone?

The Bike Zone has been serving Rochester, NY and the surrounding area since 1997. We are a full-service, family-owned bicycle shop with deep roots in the local cycling community. We are avid riders who strive to improve the cycling experience of every customer - with outstanding service and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Who are bike zone and Summertown cycles?

Welcome to Bike Zone and Summertown Cycles. Our two Oxford based shops are independently-owned and run by cycle enthusiasts. We have had cycle shops in Oxford for over 30 years, building strong relationships with our customers who come from far and wide to see us and our bands.

Are SE bikes bikes any good?

SE Bikes. SE Bikes makes high quality bikes in a range of different styles, including fitness, urban and mountain bikes. However, it is most famous for its BMX bikes. The BMX range is its largest, and it has been making BMX bikes for almost 40 years. This includes everything from neighborhood bikes up to elite racing models.

What is Zone 2 cycling?

Also almost totally aerobic and relying on Type I muscle fibers, Zone 2 stimulates more adaptation and creates a bit more fatigue than riding at a recovery pace. Still, this intensity level is sustainable for a very long time, as its name indicates.

What are cycling power zones?

This seems pretty self explanatory, but bottom line: cycling power zones allow us to understand the intensity with which we are supposed to ride relative to our own capabilities, and it creates a way to communicate between two people.

What is the 3-zone model of cycling?

A three-zone model is based on the body’s internal physiology and is split into zones equating to easy, medium and hard riding (or green, yellow and red zones). “Most people can relate to the three-zone model,” says Austin.

What zone should I train for a road bike race?

Bike racing is not done in one zone; most races are a combination of all zones 2 – 7. Therefore, do your Sweet Spot and base training but also incorporate anaerobic and sprint intervals. Make your training well-rounded.

What are cycling training zones and why are they important?

Cyclists can use training zones to target specific adaptations, from improving endurance with base training to working on the ability to launch a max power sprint. Training zones are used to set a specific intensity at which to complete a ride, workout or interval, along with the duration required.

But there is a good chance you are zone 2 training for a large portion of these long-distance rides, especially if you ride regularly. The great thing about zone 2 cycling is that you experience a whole host of health benefits, especially the boosting of your aerobic fitness. But is it the right method of training for you? What Is Zone 2 Training?

What is a Zone 2 ride and should I do it?

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