Britney spears instagram

britney spears instagram

Is Britney Spears wearing a bikini on her honeymoon?

Britney Spears shared another sexy bikini video from her honeymoon with Sam Asghari, this time sporting a pink top with cutouts and low rise white bottoms. Britney Spears couldn’t get enough bikinis on her latest getaway!

Does Britney Spears know who Tom Hardy is?

Britney Spears posted Tom Hardy s audition tape for 2002 movie The Reckoning on Instagram on Thursday—while admitting that she doesnt know who he is. The pop star, 40, preceded the video with a clipping of a magazine article about Hardy, 44, as she wrote in her accompanying caption: Im not sure who this guy is.

Was Britney Spears pssss video shot on Christmas Day?

Psss this was shot on Christmas Day!!!! Spears said of a follow-up video that showed her performing a dance routine at her home. Pssss the British guy reminds me to believe in magic. Pssssss look at the !!!!!

How can I have ABS like Britney Spears at Britneys?

The first rule of having abs as good at Britneys: find a way to show them off at any cost, even when your t-shirt and sweats are trying to sabotage you. Continued on next slide. Another Brit pro tip: Match your sports bra and hot pants to the landscape for maximum selfie opportunities

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