What is Bonzai War?

Get a Bonzai mug for your guy Callisto. Defined as a mildly annoying prank, like moving someones pencil case 3 inches to the left or putting a piece of paper labelled Bonzai in someones backpack. Members can be involved in complex bonzai wars, where the two parties try to make like slightly more difficult for the other.

What is a bonsai?

The loanwordbonsai (a Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese term penzai) has become an umbrella termin English, attached to many forms of diminutive potted plants,[2]and also on occasion to other living and non-living things.

Is Bonzai high or low?

Get the Bonzai neck gaiter and mug. It is actually a miniature tree type.But in Turkey it is a weed type.They sell it in ghettos .It has so much chemicals and can make you die.Be careful. Bro i think they are high.

What does Banzai stand for?

This term came from the Japanese cry Tennōheika Banzai (天皇陛下万歳, Long live His Majesty the Emperor), shortened to banzai, specifically referring to a tactic used by Japanese soldiers during the Pacific War.

What is a banzai charge in the war?

Banzai charge. A banzai charge is the term used by the Allied forces to refer to Japanese human wave attacks mounted by infantry units. This term came from the Japanese cry Tennōheika Banzai (天皇陛下万歳, Long live His Majesty the Emperor), shortened to banzai, specifically referring to a tactic used by Japanese soldiers during the Pacific War .

What is the Banzai battle cry in Japan?

In the years after World War II that changed dramatically. One of the most famous Japanese phrases that is used in popular culture is the Banzai battle cry and associated Banzai counterattacks that occurred during the war.

When was the first banzai attack in WW2?

— Brian Albrecht,, 28 July 2017 At dawn on July 7, 1944, more than 4,000 Japanese launched a banzai attack against the division’s 105th Infantry Regiment. — Washington Post, 19 June 2017 These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word banzai.

What does Banzai mean in English?

Definition of banzai : a Japanese cheer or war cry Examples of banzai in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The ultimate learn-by-doing experience might be a lesson from Japanese parachutist Yasuhiro Kubo, who holds the world record in the activitys banzai category.

Bonsai is a Japanese word meaning “tree in a pot”, but the origins go back further to the Chinese form “Pun-sai” or “Penjing”. In Chinese the word “pen” means pot and “jing” refers to scenery or landscape. The earliest examples on record of small trees in pots date back over 1300 years. What is the meaning of the term Bonsai?

What is a bonsai tree used for?

What is the difference between Banzai and bonsai?

Banzai vs. Bonsai. Bonsai are tiny little (3′ and under) potted trees. Banzai is a Japanese exclamation meaning “ten thousand years” (of long life) which was used as a cheer of enthusiasm or of victory such as in sports. Just like tonkotsu/tonkatsu and even macarons/macaroons, these two words are unfortunately overlooked as being the same.

What is the best bonsai tree to start with?

1 Ficus Bonsai. We are listing this one first because it is by far the best indoor bonsai tree for beginners. ... 2 Carmona Bonsai. ... 3 Schefflera Bonsai. ... 4 Chinese Elm Bonsai. ... 5 Crassula (Jade) Bonsai. ... 6 Serissa Japonica (Snow Rose) Bonsai. ...

What is the best size for a bonsai?

Mame bonsai aren’t tiny but they can accurately be referred to as miniature bonsai. While some mistakenly call all tiny bonsai mame, the true mame is between 3 and 6 inches high. These are the most popular bonsai size classification. Making up 80%+ of all domestic bonsai plants. You can’t go wrong with a Shohin Not too big and not too small.

What kind of light is best for a bonsai?

A bright artificial light generally works well with bonsai provided you keep the light source close to the tree. The maximum distance from the bonsai to the light source should not be more than 12 inches. People often thought of using incandescent lights as a light source for their bonsai.

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