What is it like in Groningen?

The city of Groningen is a vibrant, multifaceted university city with lots of culture and events, beautiful historic buildings, and great shopping streets. Delfzijl is a fortified city with a unique maritime character. It has plenty of great shops, cafés and restaurants.

Where do students live in Groningen?

In Groningen, the entire city is your campus. Students, both national and international, live in student houses in the city center or around the city center. More information about the campus can be found here.

What to do in Groningen in 4 days?

A four-day music fest in the centre of Groningen. Groningen is the biggest university city in the north of Holland. There are countless bars, terraces and great restaurants, from traditional to cozy.

What is the student life like in Groningen?

Everything is possible in Groningen! What is the student lifestyle like in Groningen? The student life is great, when you live in a student house you will get to meet new people and maybe they will even become your friends. Next to school you can go do sports, go out, have drinks with your friends or just explore the city.

What to do in Groningen?

Groningen, capital of the eponymous province in the northern part of Holland, is a lively city that has much to offer in terms of culture and events, beautiful historic monuments like the Martini Tower, great shopping districts for a wonderful shopping spree, and excellent restaurants. Groningen should definitely be on your to-do list!

Is Groningen a backwater town?

But Groningen is no backwater, nor is it a sleepy farming town. It’s a bustling student city with a nightlife and music scene that rivals the bigger Dutch cities. Er gaat niks boven Groningen is the city’s slogan.

What to do in Groningen in 24 hours?

One of the cool and best things you have to do in Groningen is a walking or cycling tour. Groningen is an old city and the best way to completely discover Groningen is with a city tour. This way you’ll make the most out of your 24 hours in Groningen.

What makes Groningen a great place to visit?

Its also a great place to explore by bike and has long been known as World Cycling City thanks to its extensive network of cycle paths. In addition to its great shopping and dining scene, Groningen has also made a name for itself as a festival city.

Would you rather go skiing or cycling in Groningen?

Or would you rather go cycling, explore the mudflats and visit villages where time stood still. Whatever you choose, it can be done in Groningen.

Where to go climbing in Groningen?

Klimcentrum Bjoeks is the place to go in Groningen if you like wall-climbing or bouldering. The main room inside is lined with climbing walls and they have some “boulders” outside as well. The really special thing, though is the climbing tower “Excalibur.”

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