Birkenstock portugal

birkenstock portugal

Why choose Birkenstock?

The BIRKENSTOCK brand focuses on shoes which are comfortable and modern and at the same time sustainable and timeless. This is why women hugely benefit from our BIRKENSTOCK women’s shoes which ensure a stylish appearance in all situations.

Can Birkenstock digital refuse to accept certain payment methods?

© 2021 Birkenstock digital GmbH 1Birkenstock digital GmbH reserves the right to refuse certain payment methods in individual cases.

How do I open the Birkenstock X 1774 collection?

1774 Press the down arrow key to open drop down BIRKENSTOCK x 1774 Collection Show more BIRKENSTOCK x Stussy Show more BIRKENSTOCK x Proenza Schouler

What are socks&stocks?

They stand for a casual and relaxed lifestyle and connect people who couldn’t be more different: unique personalities who live their lives in their own way. Learn More SOCKS & STOCKS A trend? Or a fashion statement? Or simply super comfy? Be that as it may – #stocksandsocks are here.

Why do people like Birkenstocks so much?

Theyre made using the bark, which is removed and then allowed to re-grow. Another aspect that a lot of people like about Birkenstock shoes is that theyre completely repairable and renewable, keeping more shoes out of landfills, and giving the customer a little more bang for their buck.

Are Birkenstocks good for arthritic feet?

Birkenstock has provided effective relief to many individuals with this condition, especially if they have the proper support in the arch. If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe with a lot of room for your toes and arch support, Birkenstocks are the way to go.

Do Birkenstock thong sandals fit well?

The footbed is designed to cradle the heel and arch while offering plenty of room for toes. The popular Birkenstock thong sandals are designed to fit a “roomy” foot. This means that if you have a narrow, bony, or high instep foot, you should buy a narrower width. If you have wide feet, a regular to wide shoe size should work well for you.

Are your Birkenstock shoes counterfeit?

Counterfeit Birkenstock shoes are enough of a concern that they strongly recommend buying only from an authorized dealer. Be wary of a site that offers to ship from another country, as that is a sign of a counterfeit Birkenstock.

Why choose Birkenstock 1774?

Never meant to become a fashion brand itself, BIRKENSTOCK has nevertheless attracted designers ever since. With an unwavering desire to innovate and to consistently improve, BIRKENSTOCK 1774 is filling a gap between high fashion and functionality.

What is Birkenstock’s Paris Fashion Week?

Located in the heart of fashion, the Rue Saint Honoré, it is designed by London based studio Vinson & Co to showcase BIRKENSTOCK’s unique collaborations with fashion’s brightest minds.

What is the 1774 collection?

With its new refined materials and execution the 1774 Collection presents an unprecedented craftmanship, that unites luxury and comfort in a novel way.

Why Birkenstock and Valentino?

“BIRKENSTOCK has its own universal language, valuing the DNA that is both, free and adaptable”, explains Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino, the fashion house that recently collaborated with BIRKENSTOCK. Selective about their partnership, the collaborations between the heritage brand and designers are truly synergistic.

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