The fork portugal

the fork portugal

How does TheFork work?

On TheFork, youll be spoiled for choice with more than 80 000 restaurants all over the world. Use The Fork Code and get 1000 Free Yums! 2 clicks and the tables reserved! Thanks to geo-tracking, TheFork locates the nearest restaurants for you and helps you book the best table fast and directly from your smartphone.

Where is the Office of TheFork?

Our office is on the center of the city, in Campo Pequeno, next to Entrecampos Station. Here you will be part of a caring family within a challenging young environment that will allow you grow professionally! Each of our offices takes the company culture of TheFork and adds a pinch of local zest to create a unique work environment.

Why is cork so valuable to the Portuguese?

Cork is incredibly valuable to the Portuguese. Portugal is considered the world capital of cork. The cork oak is even one of the countries’ national symbols alongside the flag and the national anthem!

How many feedbacks does TheFork have?

With over 20 million feedbacks on our website, our users dare speak the truth: the more, the merrier! Use the Fork Promo Code and get €20/£20 FREE! Since may 2014, TheFork has joined the TripAdvisor Media Group.

What offers does TheFork offer?

Offers for many restaurants and lots of other benefits with our loyalty programme. TheFork is the leading online restaurant booking and discovery platform in Europe, Latin America and Australia.

Why book with TheFork?

Not only does TheFork guide you in the search for the perfect restaurant for each moment, allow you to book it in real time, but it also bends over backwards to make you enjoy exclusive offers, special menus and up to 50% discounts on the menu. Lacking inspiration? For a romantic dinner, an exotic restaurant or a dinner party with many friends...

How to pay with TheFork pay?

Easy: you just need to open TheFork app and enter the bill amount. Fast: once you register your credit card, it will automatically be saved. Paying will then take less than a minute! Contactless: you can avoid queues at cash registers respecting social distances. TheFork PAY is easy to use!

Why does @TheFork need your feedback?

TheForks success relies as much on its communities of users as its communities of restaurateurs. We do need your feedbacks to find the right table every time and offer you top quality service, meeting your expectations as closely as possible.

Why choose Portugal for Your Cork?

In the XV and XVI centuries, Portuguese shipbuilders used cork in the caravels that set sail to sea in search of the unknown during the Age of Discovery. Portugal is also a proud pioneer when it comes to environmental legislation since the first land laws that protect cork oak areas were approved in 1209!

How big is the cork industry in Portugal?

Out of the worldwide volume of exportations, 340 thousand tons per year, Portugal is responsible for more than 55%. This small country owns 25% of the cork oak area existent on the whole planet… It is considered Portugal’s most important industry. The majority of the cork oak areas can be found in Alentejo.

What is Cork and why is it so popular?

One of the many great things about cork is its sustainability. The bark is harvested every 9 years throughout a tree’s lifetime, with no need to cut down or damage the trees. The number you may see painted on a tree trunk indicates the year it was harvested.

Is it illegal to cut down a cork tree in Portugal?

It all starts with Portugal’s national tree, protected by a strict law that makes it illegal to cut down any cork tree in Portugal without permission from the government.

On TheFork, youll be spoiled for choice with more than 80 000 restaurants all over the world. Need to book a table fast? 2 clicks and the tables reserved !

How does TheFork work?

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