Nossa senhora do cabo espichel

nossa senhora do cabo espichel

What are the main sights of the Cabo Espichel?

Along with the coastal walks and views across the ocean, the four main sights of the Cabo Espichel are: The Santuario de Nossa Senhor a – An 18th-century church complex with two distinctive rows of accommodation buildings, constructed for pilgrims to the Cabo Espichel.

What is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Cape Espichel?

Worship Mary in a monumental natural setting. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Cape Espichel, also known as Nossa Senhora da Pedra Mua, is one of the most impressive sites in this region for its location and its remarkable natural architectural complex.

How far is Cabo Espichel from Sesimbra?

Most visitors to Cabo Espichel are based in Setubal (40km away) or Sesimbra (14Km away). The drive from Sesimbra takes 20 minutes and follows the N379, while Setubal is a 50-minute drive away. Public transport to the Cabo Espichel is severely limited and there is just a single suitable bus service from Sesimbra.

What is Our Lady of the Cape known for?

Once a place of intense religious devotion, this remote and often windswept place features a delightful church flanked by two rows of arcaded pilgrims’ lodgings set around an open courtyard to form the sanctuary known as Our Lady of the Cape (Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo).


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