Vueling airlines

vueling airlines

Why choose accedi Vueling?

Accedi Vueling ti porta in più di 130 destinazioni dalle principali città della Spagna, dellEuropa, dellAfrica settentrionale e del Vicino Oriente. È molto semplice: visita il nostro sito o apri lapp, scegli la destinazione e trova voli economici. Sempre al miglior prezzo! E i vantaggi non finiscono qui.

Does Vueling offer discounts on flights between Spanish airports?

These discounts are only applicable to flights between Spanish airports. If youre a member of a large family, you can buy your ticket through the usual Vueling sales channels, where youll need to certify your large-family member number.

How to earn Avios with Vueling Club?

Avec Vueling Club, voyagez et vous serez récompensé : Accumulez des Avios avec nous, mais aussi avec dautres compagnies associées. Utilisez-les pour obtenir des remises et même des billets gratuits. Plus vous avez dAvios, plus vos remises sont importantes !

How old do you have to be to fly with Vueling?

Minors under 12 years of age at the time of the flight must always travel with an adult (under-14s of Italian nationality travelling to/from Italy and under-18s of Romanian nationality travelling to/from Romania). Vueling will not provide specific services or unaccompanied minor services for such passengers.

How do I collect Avios in my Vueling account?

You can collect Avios in your Vueling Club account with all the flights you book through or, with any fare. If the flight is booked through and operated by Vueling, you can collect Avios for the price of the ticket. If the flight is operated by Iberia, the amount of Avios you collect depends on how far you fly.

What is the family fare on Vueling?

With our Family fare every passenger (except infants under 2) gets a free bag and seat selection. You can also take 2 items of hand luggage on board. At Vueling we try to make life easier for families, so if your child is under 2 you can take 2 free hold items (pushchair, cradle, cot or booster seat).

How do I purchase products and services using Vueling points?

7.1 The products and services of Vueling or Partner Companies may be purchased using points when these appear recorded in the Punto Account. In order to make a purchase using points, Members will have to identify themselves, providing proof of identity via the online channel.

What is the role of a Vueling management company?

To perform the required administrative, fiscal, accounting and commercial activities required to manage each Members relationship with Vueling, and to support the acquisition of products and services, as well as reporting any incidents involving myvueling that may affect members. vii.

How do I earn Avios on Vueling?

There are three ways of earning Avios with Vueling. It is possible to earn Avios on Vueling via Vueling Club, their frequent flyer program, which also uses the Avios rewards currency. This makes it very convenient for earning Avios and crediting them to your Executive Club account.

Is the Vueling Club Loyalty Programme worth it?

Because even if you only fly with Vueling once or twice a year, there are many other ways of collecting Avios with the Vueling Club loyalty programme, and you’ll then be able to use the Avios to get discounts. It’s always the same with loyalty programmes: you don’t think it’s worth it if you don’t book lots of flights.

What are Avios and how do I use them?

Avios are like virtual currency. You collect them when you book flights (with Vueling and Iberia), and with Vueling’s partners, and you can use them to get discounts on your flights!

Where can I travel with my Avios points?

Vueling can take you to and from sunny Spain, or off to countries like Cape Verde, Croatia, Norway and Sweden. You can collect Avios on flights with Vueling, hotel stays with Melia, Kaligo, Rocketmiles or Iberostar and your everyday spend - like outlet shopping at Las Rozas village, your online shopping and many more.

How old must children be to travel alone on Vueling flights? Minors aged under 15 years at the time of the flight (children under 14 years of Italian nationality traveling to/from Italy and children under 18 years of Romanian nationality traveling to/from Romania) must always travel with an adult passenger.

Is unaccompanied minor available on Vueling flights?

As of September 2017, the Unaccompanied Minor service is no longer available for Vueling flights. How old must children be to travel alone on Vueling flights?

How old do you have to be to fly with children?

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