Mcgregor vs poirier 3

mcgregor vs poirier 3

Did Poirier beat McGregor?

Poirier’s victory over McGregor at UFC 257 came in the second round. He survived some big shots in the opening exchanges and took McGregor to the floor. While the Irishman controlled the centre of the octagon, Poirier was effective with his kicks.

Did McGregor win the fight last night?

The Diamond was all over him in the final seconds of the round, with the clock luckily saving McGregor from a TKO. Then as everyone expected McGregor to get up and go to his corner he stayed sitting, and pointed to his ankle, with his injury clear to be seen.

Who won McGregor fight tonight?

Who won tonight’s Conor McGregor fight? Dustin Poirier Dustin Poirier wins after Conor McGregor suffers gruesome injury. Poirier def. McGregor at 5:00 of the first round after the ringside doctor stopped the fight. It was a tale of two fights. Did McGregor win the fight tonight? Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier got a rubber match ]

What happened to Poirier and McGregor after UFC 257?

McGregor took two years out, but came back to beat Donald Cerrone last January - his last fight before UFC 257. What happened next for Poirier? After defeat by McGregor, Poirier moved up to lightweight - a career-defining decision.

What did Conor McGregor do to Conor Poiriers wife?

McGregor returned to his verbose, mean-spirited promotional persona, repeatedly insulting Poirier’s wife and vowing to kill the man who beat him six months earlier.

What did Conor McGregor say after his fight with Donald Cerrone?

I just wasnt as comfortable as I needed to be, Conor said after the fight ... insisting hes been out of the Octagon too long to compete with the best in the world. It was McGregors first fight since January 2020 -- when he defeated Cowboy Cerrone in a 1st round knockout.

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