What is Affidea?

Η Affidea δίνει τη δυνατότητα περίθαλψης στον χώρο σας εύκολα, με ένα απλό ραντεβού! Σκοπός της υπηρεσίας είναι η παροχή φροντίδας υγείας σε άτομα με κινητικά ή άλλα προβλήματα, στον οικείο τους χώρο, με εξατομικευμένη προσέγγιση.

Who is the CEO of Affidea?

Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO, participated at the Healthcare Business International Conference in London, one ... Pan-European diagnostic imaging specialist Affidea has entered into its first partnership with an AI company. We talk to CEO Giuseppe Recchi.

Why choose Affidea Romania?

Affidea Romania has successfully implemented a massive, interdisciplinary project to digitize the patient journey in their centers, offering patients a seamless... Affidea CEO interview with Torino Magazine, Italy We use the best technology and the best medical know-how, built on the unique skills of over 9 thousand ...

Whats new at Affidea Italy?

A significant milestone in Affideas strategy of expanding high quality outpatient care services at European l... Affidea Italy opens dentistry departments in Manerbio and Gessate with the aim of providing the best dental service in the country.

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