Pavilhão carlos queiroz

pavilhão carlos queiroz

What nationality is Carlos Queiroz?

Carlos Manuel Brito Leal de Queiroz, ComIH ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈkaɾluʃ kɐjˈɾɔʃ]; born 1 March 1953), is a Mozambican-Portuguese football coach who is currently the manager of the Egypt national team.

How good was Carlos Queiroz as a manager?

Carlos Queiroz was brilliant. Just brilliant. Outstanding. An intelligent, meticulous man. He was good for me. He was a Rottweiler. He was the closest you could be to being the Manchester United manager without actually holding the title.

Who is João Queiroz?

Queiroz is a graduate of the University of Lisbon. He coached the Portuguese under-20 side to two FIFA World Youth Championship wins, in the 1989 and 1991 tournaments. In 1984, Queiroz was appointed as assistant manager of Estoril-Praia. After that, Queiroz was appointed senior national team coach in 1991.

Who is quequeiroz?

Queiroz has won several awards as a coach in junior levels, and has been successful at senior and club levels, mainly as Alex Fergusons assistant manager. In 1998, he authored the Q-Report, which detailed plans to enhance footballer development in the United States.

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