What does Cartagena mean?

Cartagena ( / ˌkɑːrtəˈdʒiːnə / KAR-tə-JEE-nə, also US: /- ˈheɪnə / -⁠HAY-nə ), known since the colonial era as Cartagena de Indias ( Spanish: [kaɾtaˈxena ðe ˈindjas] ( listen) ), is a city and major port on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region.

How to get to Cartagena de Indias?

There are many ways to get to Cartagena de Indias. Today, it is no longer necessary to stop in Bogotá to get to the city. If you come from abroad, you can take a cruise or a plane. Airlines such as American Airlines, JetBlue, Interjet, KLM, Delta, and Copa fly directly to the Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena.

What to do in Cartagena?

The area contains the bulk of the citys tourist facilities, such as hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and art galleries. It is located between Cartagena Bay to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west, and includes the two neighborhoods of El Laguito (The Little Lake) and Castillogrande (Big Castle).

What are the best books on Cartagena de Indias?

Dorta, Enrique Marco. Cartagena de Indias: Puerto y plaza fuerte. 1960. Escobar Quevedo, Ricardo. Los Criptojudíos de Cartagena de Indias: Un eslabón en la diáspora conversa (1635–1649). Anuario Colombiano de Historia Social y de la Cultura 29 (2002): 45–71. Fals-Borda, Orlando. Historia doble de la costa. 4 vols. 1979–1986.

What to do in Cartagena in 3 days?

Book these experiences for a close-up look at Cartagena. From quick jaunts to full-day outings. Baru and Playa Blanca Enjoy the best place with accommodation and lunch. 1. Walled City of Cartagena The city and its fortifications reflect the state-of-the-art of a global super power (Spain) during colonial times. 2. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Is Cartagena Colombia worth visiting?

Over the past few years, Colombia has been one of the top destinations for travellers, often highlighted by the many things to do in Cartagena, a beautiful and historic Caribbean city. The city itself is colourful, safe, full of amazing food, and has a history relevant to the Spanish Conquest.

Where to stay in Cartagena?

Most tourists will stay in the old city of Cartagena, which includes the neighborhoods of Centro, San Diego, and Getsemani, and you should too. Here you’ll be close to the most historical parts of the city and its picturesque streets, particularly within the walled city (La Ciudad Amurallada), an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What are the best beaches in Cartagena?

Located about 90 minutes outside of the city, Playa Blanca is perhaps Cartagena’s most well known beach. It used to be a bit of a hidden paradise requiring a boat or combination of bus, ferry, and mototaxi to get there. However, a bridge and paved road has made it more accessible and also more crowded.

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