Urban k beach

urban k beach

Why K urban beach is the best night club in Singapore?

K Urban Beach rests with its all magnificence next to the Tagus River. Famous for its iconic ambiance and location, this night club has gained a lot of acclaims worldwide. The indoor and outdoor parts of the K Urban Beach serve great to your taste. So, you must come to behold the exodus equanimity this night club is specifically known for.

What to do at K urban beach?

The spacious lounge bar of K Urban Beach overlooks the river. During summer, soft sofas are set up in the outdoor patio to let the guests enjoy a chilled night out here.

What is K urban club like to visit?

Its and outdoor club. Very friendly bouncers and staff. Just dont throw the white ticket they sign or its a 150 euro fine. Its used for security reasons if you book a table. Nice vip lounge at the top half. If any K Urban Club owners are reading this. I would like to make them an offer on purchasing the club outright.

What is the night life like in Singapore?

Once the sun sets, the Singapore night life comes alive — a neon-lit, glittering party place with a pulse throbbing in time to the bass of the latest hits. If you want to dive into that, there’s no better place to go than the best clubs in Singapore.

What to do in Tanjong Beach Club in Singapore?

Tanjong Beach Club is a fascinating hangout place and one of the most buzzing days and nightclubs in Singapore. Famed for the full moonlit beach parties, live DJs, slurpy food, and drinks – this is surely a place to rock the nightlife in Singapore.

What makes zouk a popular nightclub in Dubai?

World-class nightclub: Top-notch sound systems, state-of-the-art lighting, great drink menu, and music as well as dynamic and fashionable crowds stand out Zouk. It is a favourite place to hang around of local clubbers and tourists.

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