Bit life

bit life

What is bitbitlife?

BitLife is a unique text-based life simulation game created by Candywriter. The game has received great feedback since its release and has garnered quite the following thanks to its signature blend of cynical realism and crazy scenarios.

Are You struggling to stay in line in BitLife?

With so many activities and decision points you can have in BitLife, it can be a real challenge to stay in line with what you really want out of your virtual life. While you have so much freedom to do the things you might not be so willing to do… BitLife is a unique text-based life simulation game created by Candywriter.

What is BitLife Life Simulator?

BitLife – Life Simulator Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Everything You Need to Know. Some people say life is all about the choices you make. In BitLife – Life Simulator, the choices you make literally determine the rest of your life. This text-based simulator for Android and iOS lets you live out the life of your character through a series of decisions.

Can you rewind in BitLife?

BitLife allows you to control the life of one character using nothing but text, and the more updates come to the game, the more choices you’ll have. Read on for a tip on how to rewind whenever you want to, and what you can do with the opportunity to rewind!

What is BitLife?

How to Start a New Life on Your Mobile Phone BitLife is a life simulator game that tasks players with controlling a strangers life from start to finish. Developed by CandryWriter LLC, the app free app has hit the top of the Apple app store.

How to play BitLife Life Simulator on PC?

How to Download and Play BitLife – Life Simulator on PC. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later. Look for BitLife – Life Simulator in the search bar at the top right corner. Click to install BitLife – Life Simulator from the search results.

Is BitLife app safe for kids?

From the above review of the Bitlife app, it is clear to us that, as parents, we should not let kids wander through the app without proper guidance or monitoring. Therefore, the FamiSafe parental control app is the necessary tool to guide the kids gadget activities towards the right path.

How do you get started in BitLife?

You start off BitLife in a random country with a pair of parents tasked with raising you. As an infant, you can barely interact with the world, with your only option being going to the doctor. As you age, the world starts to open up.

What is BitLife app simulator?

The BitLife app simulator is a video game that simulates a characters life in a realistic way. The players can choose a character and live a virtual life on this platform. There are two stages of life in this journey, with the title of childhood and adulthood.

Is BitLife a good game for kids?

BitLife is a text based life simulator that uses realism to live another life. Parents beware, there are some dangers to this game. If your kids don’t know about ‘sex’ then don’t get this game for them until you have broke it to them. You can set parental controls on the game and it is s ... This game is fine for kids 11 and older.

How to get rid of life simulator games like BitLife for kids?

Only through proper interactions, you can assist your kid in getting rid of life simulator games like BitLife. If you communicate with your kid daily, you can learn about your childs gaming behavior easily. You must guide the kids to share their daily activities regularly to avoid serious issues in the future.

What is Life simulators?

This interactive story game is the first text-based life simulator to simulate an adult life. Discover the consequences of your actions and try to see them through. Simulate your lifes choices for fun or create a fantasy scenario and see where it leads.

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