Restaurants cascais

restaurants cascais

Where to eat in Cascais?

In the Cascais bay area, the Reserva da Villa restaurant has one of the best terraces in town. In this trendy and yet relaxed environment, the visitor enjoys a mix of Mediterranean and Portuguese gastronomy with 48 references of wine by the glass available in Enomatics machines.Average price: 30...

Why choose the best restaurants in Lisbon and Cascais?

Luxury has its tastes, on a day of shopping, dancing and drinking for a night on the town or choosing the perfect hotel, but restaurants in Lisbon and Cascais shine because of an idea: the meal should be unique, the best part of your day and at the same time the exclusive memory of an adventurous journey.

What is a must when in Cascais?

Fresh fish is a must. All items are authentic and delicious. Bacallau is top. Must when in Cascais Helpful? We have eaten here several times over the last couple of years and have never been let down. Like most restaurants here the fish options are great, but unlike many the meat options are also first class, too.

What is the best sushi in Cascais?

“Best sushi in Cascais!” 1. Creperie Chez ma pomme 2. Gastronomia Italiana “The best limonchello and Tiramisu that I have ever had!” 3. Ka Sushi Cave “Some of my favourites on the evening: Gyoza dumplings, Ceviche and Chrirashi.” “... after the first bite of our gyoza we knew we found something special.” 4. Dona Flor Bistro

What is Cascais in Portugal like?

In a nutshell, Cascais is a picturesque coastal town, 30km west of Lisbon, filled with crystal clear water, Malibu-Barbie houses, fresh seafood and sandy beaches in Portugal. Easily accessible by train from the centre of Lisbon, Cascais can be explored in just one day.

Why choose sursurrounding Cascais?

Surrounding Cascais is a varied region, of lively resort towns and the beautiful natural scenery of the Serra de Sintra, with its numerous hiking routes and outstanding surfing.

What to do on a day trip from Cascais?

Wrap up your Cascais day trip with a short stroll along the coast. There’s a beachfront path that runs between Cascais and the neighboring town of Estoril, where you can take in ocean views and a cool breeze before heading back to your accommodation. It’s only a 15 minute walk from Cascais station to Monte Estoril Station.

How to get from Cascais to Sintra?

- From Cascais, you can take the train to Lisbon (it’s a 40-minute journey, with several stops along the coast), and the bus to Sintra (number 403, which takes less than one hour, going through the countryside). See the guide to day trips from Cascais .

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