Joe cole

joe cole

How old is Joe Cole?

Joseph John Cole (born 8 November 1981) is an English football coach and former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or winger in the Premier League, Ligue 1, League One and United Soccer League.

What is the meaning of the other Joe Cole?

Both his instagram and Twitter handles read-theotherJoeCole, It is a play on the fact that there is a much more famous Joe cole, An English football coach and a former player with the same name. Charity: He has helped a person get a stem cell transplant operation done.

What movies and TV shows has Joe Cole been in?

He starred as John Shelby in the British historical crime drama Peaky Blinders . He also played a part in a season 4 episode of Charlie Brookers Black Mirror, earning a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor. For his role as Billy Moore in A Prayer Before Dawn, Cole won Best Actor at the 2018 British Independent Film Awards .

Who is Joe Coles brother?

Joess brother Finn Cole (Finlay Lewis J. Cole) was born on 9th November 1995 in Kingston, England. He is also an actor, he is known for playing Michael Gray in BBC series Peaky Blinders, Joshua Cody in Animal Kingdom. He is the fourth of the five Cole brothers. Joes help was crucial in Finn started out as an actor.

Who is Joe Cole? Joseph Michael Cole, 33, is an actor from Kingston, London. Cole was born on November 28, 1988, to parents George and Susan Cole. He is the eldest of five siblings, including brother Finn Cole who featured in Peaky Blinders alongside Joe as Michael Gray.

What happened to Joe Cole’s brother Finn on EastEnders?

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