Brescia calcio

brescia calcio

What does Brescia mean?

Brescia Calcio, commonly referred to as Brescia ( Italian pronunciation: [ˈbreʃʃa ˈkaltʃo] ), is an Italian football club based in Brescia, Lombardy, that currently plays in Serie B . The club holds the record for total number of seasons (61) and consecutive seasons (18, from 1947–48 to 1964–65) in Serie B, which they have won four times.

When did Brescia play in Serie A?

In 1913, Brescia was promoted to First Division for its first time ever, and from 1929 it played in Serie A for six of the seven following seasons. Successively, the club played among the two top divisions until 1982, when Brescia was relegated to Serie C 1.

What is the history of Brescia FC?

The team was founded in 1911 as Brescia Football Club, joining the Terza Categoria division the same year. In 1913, Brescia was promoted to First Division for its first time ever, and from 1929 it played in Serie A for six of the seven following seasons.

What is the name of Brescias football stadium?

This was completed in 1959 and Brescia began to play their home games in the new Mario Rigamonti stadium (named after the Torino player, Mario Rigamonti, who died in the Superga air disaster ).

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What is the history of Brescia College?

History. Brescia was founded in 1919 as Ursuline College by the Ursulines, an organization of women of Catholic faith. It was originally located in an old converted house at 556 Wellington Street in downtown London, Ontario. It was founded as a Roman Catholic affiliate of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario,...

What is the history of football in Brescia?

The first ground at which football was played in Brescia was Campo Fiera, where the English workers at the Tempini plant played on their breaks. In 1911, in the wake of enthusiasm following the foundation of the new club, it is thought a fenced ground was built shortly after on Via Milano.

Who are Brescia?

Brescia actually came to the footballing forefront only in 2000, when the previously unfancied club signed former FIFA World Player of the Year Roberto Baggio, who led Brescia to a seventh-place finish in the 2000–01 season, thus qualifying for the UEFA Intertoto Cup.

What happened to Brescia Leonessa basketball team?

In 2016, Brescia Leonessa won the Serie A2 League after beating Fortitudo Bologna at game 5 of the leagues playoffs, and returns in the highest-tier of the Italian basketball league system after 28 years. In 2018, Basket Brescia reached the final of the Italian Cup.

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