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What happened to Putins Villa on Lake Como?

The villa, owned by a pro-Putin Russian TV presenter on Lake Como, was one of the assets ordered to be frozen by the Italian Government as part of a crackdown on Putins oligarchs in the EU.

Is Vladimir Putin set to become a father again?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to become a father again, according to reports. The 69-year-old is said to be expecting a daughter with his ex-gymnast lover Alina Kabaeva, 39, with whom he is alleged to have fathered two children with in recent years.

Should Vladimir Putin be called ruler?

Vladimir Putin Compares Himself To Russian Tsar Peter The Great A pro-Kremlin party is calling for Vladimir Putin to be referred to as Russias ruler rather than as the Russian president, in order to move away from a job description derived from a foreign language.

Was the fire in Putins Italian Villa an act of protest?

A fire that broke out Wednesday at a villa near Lake Como, Italy, which is owned by sanctioned Russian state TV host and Putin propagandis t Vladimir Solovyev, is reportedly being investigated as an act of protest.

How much does Vladimir Putin own on Lake Como?

The Russian state TV propagandist owns two houses on Lake Como that are worth a combined eight million euros, according to the Italian government that announced the property seizures last month.

What happened to Vladimir Soloviev’s villa in Lake Como?

The vandalized facade of one of the two villas belonging to Russian state TV host Vladimir Soloviev on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, seen on April 6, 2022.

What happened at the Como villa fire?

An official at the Como fire station confirmed firefighters extinguished the early morning blaze at the villa in Menaggio, one of the picturesque towns that dot the lake in northern Italy.

Why is Vladimir Putin so unpopular in Italy?

It has left the oligarch with a far from popular reputation in Italy, with neighbours of his Lake Como villa calling him arrogant and hypocritical as he drives around in pricey German cars and buys up beautiful Italian homes while slamming the Wests way of life, the Daily Mail reported.

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