What is the Slither wiki?

The wiki is devoted and aimed to provide information about the new popular snake browser game,! This wiki contains 120 articles and 372 images since its creation on November 16, 2012. Learn more about this MMO game!

Why is Slither Io so popular?

By the end of 2016, had become Googles most searched video game of the year in the United States. Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku said that the games low barriers to entry and similarity to explained s popularity.

How do you pronounce slitherio?

Notes Sometimes called or pronounced slitherio and slither (/ˈslɪθəriːoʊ/). The default colors are orange, yellow, purple, lavender, teal, green, chartreuse, brick, pink, red and white.

How do you play Slither?

An example of gameplay, showing one players worm eating the remains of another worm that has died. This is only a part of the map. The objective of the game is to control a worm around a wide area and eat pellets, defeating and consuming other players to gain mass to grow the largest and longest in the game.

Is Slither a horror movie?

Slither is a 2006 American science fiction body horror comedy film written and directed by James Gunn in his directorial debut. Starring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Tania Saulnier, Gregg Henry, and Michael Rooker, the film depicts a small town in South Carolina that becomes invaded by a malevolent alien...

What is Slither Io? is a massively multiplayer browser game developed by Steve Howse. Players control a snake-like avatar, which consumes multicoloured pellets from other players, and ones that naturally spawn on the map in the game to grow in size.

What is the main objective in Slither?

(And a few other .IO games such as or There is one main objective in to get to the #1 spot on the leaderboard of one of the servers.

What is the setting of the movie Slither?

The film is set in a small town in South Carolina that becomes invaded by a malevolent alien parasite invasion. Slither was a box office failure, but received generally positive reviews from critics and has since become a cult film.

Who Made was created by a sole developer named Steven Howse. Howse was self-taught and inspired to make after playing the popular Miniclip game In fact, the two games are almost identical.

Is Slither the best free-to-play mobile game ever?

What is Slither Io? is a popular online video game available on iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers. In, you need to feed your worm with pellets within the game zone and grow it as long as possible.

How do I enter a code in Slither?

The way to use your codes is easy. If you don’t know, simply follow the steps below. Open the game and click Enter Code at the upper right corner of the main screen. On the numerical keyboard, enter the valid codes.

How to get free skins in Slither?

In, you need to feed your worm with pellets within the game zone and grow it as long as possible. The gameplay is simple and classic, but when you use some valid codes to unlock free fantastic cosmetic effects, skins and various kinds of items, you may enjoy it even more!

What are the subjects of the Slither course?

The subjects are always varied, everything from robot design to computer coding to music production, but the common factor between all of them is that, when they get bored, the use the computers to play

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