How do I use genially?

Commencer à utiliser Genially c’est comme faire cuire un œuf sur le plat : facile, très facile. Voici les pas que nous vous proposons. Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour. Maîtriser Genially, non plus. Mais c’est très facile avec les cours et les capsules de Genially Academy. Vous avez des questions sur Genially ?

How much does it cost to use genially?

It’s free! At Genially, we apply a single golden communication rule to everything. We didn’t invent the wheel. We’ve simply relied on biology to understand that we are visual beings and that it’s easier for us to understand visual and interactive content. + Attention.

Is genially Academy easy to take?

Mais c’est très facile avec les cours et les capsules de Genially Academy. Vous avez des questions sur Genially ? Les réponses aux questions les plus courantes sont ici, dans cette sélection d’articles.

Why choose genially over other tools?

+ Memorable content. If you’ve seen a genially, you know what we’re talking about. They’re unique and not easily forgotten. These awesome advantages will make you choose Genially over other tools every time. Creating something interactive means making things happen.

How easy is genial to use? is relatively easy to use, especially if you are building on one of the available templates. When you sign up for, you are provided with a tour of the website, and you can access this tour at any point when using the site.

How can I use genially in the classroom?

15 ways you and your students can use Genially in the classroom. Utilize the incredible presentation templates or insert content directly into a brand new genially. You can add interactive spots where videos or text can be added. Access this content by clicking on it or hover over it.

Is there a free version of genially?

The best part is that it is FREE! There is a premium level (scroll down to the bottom for a discount code on a EDU PRO account) but even with the free version you can create UNLIMITED content and have access to tons of templates. Dive into the Genially universe. To really see how it works try exploring this genially tour of the tool itself.

How do I create an account on genial?

These specific visuals are a type of infographic that is specifically formatted to give an overview of information on a person. Go to Click the “Create your free account” button in the center of the page to create an account. Choose type of account: Education, Corporate, or Digital Content.

What are Genially pricing details? Genially has two types of enterprise pricing: Education and Professional. Each has three tiers of plans and a free package. The details for these are as follows. What Support Does This Vendor Offer?

Is there a free version of genially?

What can I do with genially?

At Genially there are thousands of templates and resources of various themes, with which it is very easy to create all kinds of educational content: infographic, presentations, mental maps, breakouts, headings, certificates, calendars, and more. Genially takes full advantage of Interactive Visual Communication.

Why choose genially for educational content?

Because the educational content created with Genially is interactive and visual, it is much more effective at capturing student attention, gaining participation, and making learning fun and memorable. Here’s a comprehensive list of platforms and learning resources for all education stages, from elementary school to university-.

Is genially the best thing to happen to an ID?

Genially is the best thing to happen to an ID in years! I do not understand complaints about Genially. I am an LXD (17 years in the biz) and have been using genially for well over a year now; upgraded after realizing that this app is amazing!

Is there any way to download presentations from genial?

Please write to so they can help you resolve the issues youre having as quickly as possible. It keeps crashing! It is impossible to get any work done because the app is constantly crashing. On top of that, there is no way to download the presentations. I was supposed to give a presentation at my job and I did it on genially.

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