What does ISPA stand for?

ISPA. Infeksi saluran pernapasan akut atau ISPA adalah infeksi di saluran pernapasan, yang menimbulkan gejala batuk, pilek, disertai dengan demam. ISPA sangat mudah menular dan dapat dialami oleh siapa saja, terutama anak-anak dan lansia. Sesuai dengan namanya, ISPA akan menimbulkan peradangan pada saluran pernapasan, ...

Why join ISPA?

ISPA has been building relationships with media outlets around the world on behalf of members since 1991. The organization has established a reputation for supplying relevant, accurate information about the spa industry to journalists as well as keeping members informed of business issues and trends in Pulse magazine.

Who is the CEO of ISPA?

CEO David Baile has been leading ISPA for more than 10 years. Welcome to ISPA, the International Society for the Performing Arts, and thank you for visiting our new website! We have been working over the past year to optimize the website for whichever device you are using.

What is Indian Space Association (ISPA)?

Indian Space Association (ISpA) is the apex industry body created to be the collective voice of the Indian space industry. ISpA will undertake policy advocacy and engage with all stakeholders in the Indian space domain...

The members of the organisation include government bodies such as Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) and private telecom companies such as Bharti Airtel’s One Web, Tata Group’s Nelcom, L&T, MapMyIndia, and others. Why is the formation of ISpA significant?

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