What is Caipirão?

Caipirão is another Portuguese variation made using Licor Beirão instead of cachaça; the liquor is very sweet, so no sugar is used. A variation from Italy is made using Campari instead of cachaça.

How to make caipirinha cocktail?

Fill the glass with cracked ice and add Cachaça. Stir gently to involve ingredients. Caipirinha ( Portuguese pronunciation: [kajpiˈɾĩj̃ɐ]) is Brazil s national cocktail, made with cachaça ( sugarcane hard liquor ), sugar, and lime.

Is caipira a masculine or feminine noun?

Caipira is a two-gender noun. The diminutive mostly-refers to the drink, in which case it is a feminine noun.

Where did the caipirinha originate?

According to historians, the caipirinha, as it is known nowadays, was invented by landowning farmers in the region of Piracicaba, interior of the State of São Paulo, during the 19th century, as a local drink for high standard events and parties, being a reflection of the strong sugar cane culture in the region.

How to drink a Caipirão?

6 cl of Licor Beirão. Now to add the most important 6 cl of this glass. Its time to get down to business and finish the cocktail. Its not long before youre enjoying a fine moment. And your Caipirão is done. Just add two straws. To share, or just to double the enjoyment.

What does caipira mean in Portuguese?

Portrait of a Caipira (1893) by Almeida Júnior. A caipira ( Portuguese pronunciation: [kajˈpiɾɐ] ( listen); Old Tupi kaapir or kaapira, which means bush cutter) is an inhabitant of rural or remote areas in the interior of the south-central part of Brazil.

What is Caipirinha drink in Brazil?

Caipirinha. Caipirinha ( Portuguese pronunciation: [kajpiˈɾĩj̃ɐ]) is Brazil s national cocktail, made with cachaça ( sugarcane hard liquor ), sugar, and lime. Cachaça, also known as caninha, or any one of a multitude of traditional names, is Brazils most common distilled alcoholic beverage.

What is the difference between a caipira and a Ribeirinha?

Their racial origins and traditional culture is similar to those of the caiçaras, who inhabit the coastal regions of the south, and the ribeirinhos, who are riverbank dwellers in the Amazon region . By extension, the term caipira can also be applied to the different cultural manifestations of the caipiras, such as their folk music.

Caipirinha (kai-pir-in-ya) noun: A Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça (pronounced “cah-cha-za”), lime or lemon juice, sugar and crushed ice. It’s no surprise that the most loved and certainly the most famous cocktail of Brazil is the mouth-wateringly refreshing caipirinha. But where does this drink come from? What are its origins?

How do you make Caipirinha?

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