Teleférico funchal

teleférico funchal

How is the ride down from Monte to Funchal?

The ride down from Monte to Funchals promenade is panoramic and spectacular. The infrastructure all looks new which gives you great confidence. Nothing obscures your view as you glide down the wires on the 25min journey. Prices are relatively cheap and there’s a non-stop service all day.

What to do in Funchal?

From the cable car, hovering over the city, where buildings rise alongside gardens and kitchen-gardens, you can enjoy Funchal’s amphitheatre and bay in a scenario of blues, greens and oranges.

What to do on the cable car ride in Madeira?

This landscaping and environmental harmony provides pleasantness to the experience of the cable car ride. Watch the city depart, and climbing the slopes approach a steep nature fitted by the Atlantic blue. From the city to the top of Monte parish, see also the natural beauty of the Madeira, its orography and geology.

How to get to the top of Monte in Madeira?

The most common way to reach the top of Monte is via the Funchal cable car. From rustic red roofs, to flourishing nature, the cable car journey starts at the old part of Funchal and transcends up into the small suburb of Monte. The Funchal cable car experience costs €11 per adult one way, and is the perfect way to see Madeira from above.

Where does the Funchal ride end?

The ride ends in Monte, town with a scenery and surrounding romantic, where it can be visited: Here there are the traditional “basket” of Monte, which from more than a century slide in return to Funchal – a simple and lively experience – and very current regarding to its ecological characteristics wich are environmentally friendly!

What are the Monte toboggan rides in Funchal?

This attraction is in Funchal (Monte), and is unique in the World! What are the Monte Toboggan Rides or “carros de cesto” ? They consist of a kind of car without wheels, made of wood and wicker. It slide (sledge type) through the picturesque and steep streets of the city, for 2 km.

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