Af leiria

af leiria

What does AF Leiria stand for?

The Leiria Football Association ( Portuguese: Associação de Futebol de Leiria) is one of the 22 District Football Associations that are affiliated with the Portuguese Football Federation. The AF Leiria administers lower-tier football in the district of Leiria.

What is the Football Association of Leiria?

The Football Association is based in Cruz de Areia in Leiria, close to Escola Secundária Francisco Rodrigues Lobo (Francisco Rodrigues Lobo Secondary School) and LeiriaShopping. The Associations President is Júlio Vieira.

Where is Leiria located?

Leiria is also included in the Região de Leiria. As the main city in this community, the area of influence of Leiria spreads over the cities of Marinha Grande, Ourém, Fátima, Pombal as well the municipalities/town seats of Batalha and Porto de Mós located nearby.

How many campuses does Leiria have?

Leiria hosts a national public polytechnic institution of higher education, the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria which has 5 campuses, 3 of them located in Leiria. Campus 1 - School of Education and Social Sciences (ESECS).

What does Leiria FA stand for?

On 5 January 2014 Leiria FA won the Portuguese Regions Cup and will represent Portugal in the 2015 UEFA Regions Cup, starting in September 2014. The association, commonly abbreviated as the AF Leiria, is the governing body for football in the Portuguese district of Leiria.

What does the AF Leiria do?

The AF Leiria runs to league competitions with the Liga de Honra (1ª division) being at the fourth level of the league system and 1ª Divisão (2ª division) at the fifth level. This second tier is divided into two groups on a geographical basis.

What does Afaf stand for?

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Who is the president of the Leiria Football Association?

The Associations President is Júlio Vieira. Established on 9 September 1925, known then as Federação Desportiva do Distrito de Leiria (Leiria District Sports Federation), this Federation however ceased to exist in May 1926, due to the trouble times of the politically unstable and financially chaotic years of the Portuguese First Republic.

Where is Leiria Portugal?

Leiria, town and concelho (municipality), west-central Portugal. The town is located 70 miles (115 km) north of Lisbon, a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. LeiriaLeiria, Port.Fulviusbsas. It originated as the Roman town of Collippo and was captured by the Moors early in the 8th century.

What does Leiria mean?

Leiria (Portuguese pronunciation: [lɐjˈɾi.ɐ]; Proto-Celtic: *ɸlāryo) is a city and a municipality in the Centro Region of Portugal.

Why visit Leiria?

Nature awaits you! Leiria sprouted and grew in the land between the Castle and the River Lis. Doted on by two rivers, the Lis and the Lena, which bathe the city in the Golden Sands of the Atlantic, and populated by stunning forests, the city of Leiria provides those who visit with unforgettable locales and a rare charm.

Where to go shopping in Leiria?

Leiria is full of shopping areas, including 4 main ones: Rodrigues Lobo Square, Sant’Ana Square, Castle district, and riverside district. All four areas can be explored on foot, and are a great way to explore the city as well. The shopping mall, Leiria Shopping, is also a great place if you prefer malls, and want to look for the usual stores.

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