Arouca bridge

arouca bridge

How long is 516 Arouca bridge?

The 516 Arouca bridge is 516-metres-long. A new pedestrian suspension bridge called 516 Arouca has opened in the Arouca Geopark of northern Portugal and claims to be the longest in the world.

Where is the Arouca suspension bridge?

The 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge is the latest landmark in northern Portugal. Located in the municipality of Arouca, it has been attracting atention from all over the world! This is our guide on how to make your way there from Porto! There are several options depending on your goals, budgets and timings!

What is the purpose of the Arouca bridge?

The bridge was built by the Institute for Research and Technological Development for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability as a tourist attraction for the Arouca area, providing views across the Pavia Gorge and toward the nearby Aguieiras Waterfall.

Can you drive from Porto to 516 Arouca suspension bridge?

If you are considering to drive by yourself from Porto to the 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge, here is what you should know. Arouca is located on the southbound of Douro river, so if you are in Porto inevitably you will have to make your way south through one of Porto’s bridges.

Where is the 516 Arouca bridge?

The 516 Arouca is a new suspension footbridge in Portugal . It hangs over a gorge in a nature reserve. You look out over a waterfall and see a river below. You can find it close to Porto.

Whats new at Arouca 516?

Arouca 516 is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world and Portugals new wonder. The unique footbridge is rising 175m/574 feet from the Paiva River and Gorge.

What is the suspension footbridge 516 Arouca?

The suspension footbridge 516 Arouca in Portugal. The new bridge hangs between two immense concrete pillars. The bridge itself is made of steel cables that narrow slightly in the middle. The bottom is transparent so you can look into the gorge.

What is the shape of the Arouca bridge?

The bridge is located in the Arouca Geopark. Concrete towers in the form of inverted A-shapes mark the landing points of the bridge and support two steel suspension cables, known as tensile cables, that support the steel walkway. What is the World Economic Forum doing to champion social innovation?

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