Anonymous russia

anonymous russia

What is anonymous’ threat to businesses doing in Russia?

The hacker group known as “Anonymous” posted an explicit warning to a list of companies that are still conducting business in Russian as the unprovoked invasion ordered by President Vladimir Putin continues.

Is anonymous waging a cyber war against Russia?

More than three weeks ago, a popular Twitter account named “Anonymous” declared that the shadowy activist group was waging a “cyber war” against Russia.

Did anonymous call out hackers to target Russia?

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a Twitter post from an account named “Anonymous” summoned hackers around the world to target Russia.

Is anonymous wading into the Ukraine-Russia conflict?

The murky online group known as Anonymous appears to be wading into the Ukraine-Russia conflict by declaring it is at cyber war against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

Are companies targeted by anonymous still in Russia?

Anonymous targets Western companies still doing business in Russia CNBC’s Monica Pitrelli says some of the companies targeted by Anonymous have since announced intentions to curtail business operations in Russia. 03:00 a few seconds ago watch now VIDEO10:51

What is anonymous cyber war against Russia all about?

The “hacktivist” collective known as Anonymous said it has a new target in its “cyber war” against Russia — Western businesses that are still doing business there.

Did anonymous breach a Russian nuclear reactor and shut down anonymous website?

In recent weeks, a pro-Ukrainian group claimed it breached a Russian nuclear reactor, and a pro-Russian group said it shut down Anonymous’ website. Check Point concluded both claims were false.

What happens if companies don’t respond to anonymous list?

The 40-odd companies on the list released by Anonymous can expect the same treatment if they don’t respond to the group’s demands by the deadline, and some have already done so, though whether that was in response to the hackers or general consumer pressure is unclear.

Are ‘anonymous’ hackers targeting Russia?

On the same day of Russia’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine, a Twitter account associated with the “Anonymous” hacking collective called on hackers from around the globe to target Russia and it appears that hackers are answering the call. For the record; I am an American citizen who has lived and worked in Ukraine for nearly a decade.

Is anonymous in cyber war against the Russian government?

The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber war against the Russian government. #Anonymous #Ukraine

Did anonymous hack Russian TV stations Russia 24 and Channel One?

On March 7th 2022, Anonymous claimed to hack Russian state TV stations Russia 24, Channel One, and Moscow 24 to air footage of the war in Ukraine which many Russian citizens are unaware of.

Why is anonymous offering to buy tanks from Russian soldiers?

THE hacker collective Anonymous has claimed it has successfully breached over 300 Russian websites and is offering troops £40,000 to give up their tanks. The offer to buy tanks from Russian soldiers has emerged after reports that Russia refused to open its stock market this morning.

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