E voucher aderir

e voucher aderir

What happens to my evoucher If I cancel my booking?

If you cancel a booking made using an eVoucher issued by our Customer Relations team or we cancel your flight and you’re eligible for a refund in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage and the relevant fare rules, the amount paid for using the eVoucher will be issued as a new eVoucher.

When should I call to use my evoucher?

Please call us to use your eVoucher if your journey begins in any of these countries: Your eVoucher is personal to you and not for resale. Sale, auction or retendering of an eVoucher for money or otherwise are strictly prohibited. You may make a booking on behalf of someone else using your eVoucher.

What does my evoucher value include?

Your eVoucher value includes the cost of any extras such as seating, baggage and meal purchases. If you used Avios to pay for part of a booking, can you still apply for an eVoucher?

Can I use my evouchers to pay for future flights?

You can use your current eVouchers to pay or part-pay for flights that are completed by 30 September 2023. You will receive separate notifications, for each eVoucher via email once each eVoucher reaches 24 months from the date of issue. You will need to complete a refund form for each one separately.

What happens if I cancel an evoucher I applied for?

If you cancel a booking made using an eVoucher you applied for, any refund will be issued in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage and the relevant fare rules. Where you cancel the booking and a refund is due, the amount paid for using the eVoucher will be issued under a new eVoucher.

Can I cancel my flight for a voucher?

If you haven’t canceled your flight for a voucher yet, be sure to do that first. Every airline handles these policies somewhat differently, so make sure to read our guide with all the major airlines’ change and cancellation policies. Generally speaking, you can change any flight scheduled through May for free – or cancel for a voucher.

Can I use an evoucher towards a British Airways holiday?

You cannot use an eVoucher towards British Airways Holiday bookings online or other products, such as seats. You can use up to four eVouchers of the same currency per flight booking. You cannot combine an eVoucher you applied for with any eVoucher issued by our Customer Relations team.

Can I use a voucher to pay for a future booking?

Voucher can be used as payment, or part payment, for a future booking. The new trip booked using a voucher must be fully completed by 30 September 2023 (departure and return). 1. To make a “date change only” to a British Airways Holidays booking please call our contact centre.

Although for security reasons, bookings made within four days of departure must include all eVoucher holders. Can you apply multiple eVouchers to a booking? Yes, you can apply up to four eVouchers per booking.

How long are my evouchers valid for?

Yes, you can use an eVoucher on any British Airways marketed route with a BA flight number, apart from bookings on Sun-Air. What do you need to use an eVoucher?

What are evouchers and how do they work?

With an eVoucher, you travel one class higher. An eVoucher is an electronic voucher for an upgrade to a higher travel class. For example, if you book a standard ticket for a flight in Economy Class within Europe, you could travel in Business Class by redeeming an eVoucher. eVouchers are valid for 24 months.

What happens if the value of my e-voucher is higher than my booking?

- If the value of your new booking is greater than the value of your e-voucher, you will need to pay the difference. - Any name can go on your new booking, but must be made by the person named on the e-voucher. - The currency of your booking needs to be the same as the currency of your e-voucher.

How do I check the balance of my evoucher?

Check The Balance Of Your e Voucher Find out how much is still on an e Voucher You must have the eVoucher number and PIN to check the balance.

When does my evoucher expire?

The voucher expires on 30 September 2023. You can use an eVoucher to pay or part-pay for a new booking. Any trip booked using your eVoucher must conclude – departure and return – by 30 September 2023. What happens if you paid extra for seating or baggage?

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