Samsung galaxy a53

samsung galaxy a53

Is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G worth the price?

That said, the Galaxy A53 5G delivers more than enough for the price -- especially considering the similarly priced iPhone SE has a significantly smaller screen and just one rear camera. If youre looking for a solid Android phone that costs less than $500, you wont be disappointed with the Galaxy A53 5G.

What kind of screen does the Samsung Galaxy A53 have?

The A53 features a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2,400 by 1,080 resolution, 800 nits of peak brightness and a 120Hz refresh rate. That screen is the main reason to buy the A53 — it’s big, vibrant, fast, and makes everything from scrolling through social media to watching videos enjoyable.

What operating system does the Galaxy A53 5G run on?

The Galaxy A53 5G runs on Android 12 and One UI 4.1, the newest software from Google and Samsung, which ships with the Galaxy S22. This includes Samsungs system-wide refinements like more polished widgets, additional customization options for themes and color palettes, a more intuitive camera interface and more privacy features.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A53 better than the pixel?

While its camera lag behind the Pixel, the A53 offers a great 120Hz display, longer software support, and better performance. The Samsung Galaxy A53 is the latest budget phone from the electronics giant, coming in with a big 120Hz display, decent performance for the price, and cameras that almost stack up to the competition.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G worth buying in 2022?

If all you need is a reliable phone with plenty of power under the hood, as well as excellent support for updates, then the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is well worth a buy in 2022, especially for its very impressive asking price. Richard Goodwin has been working as a tech journalist for over 10 years.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A53 a good phone?

However, the A53 is a strong mid-range phone regardless. The display on the front is vibrant and bright with (mostly) smooth animation, and the battery life is very good, as is the overall speed and performance. At its price point, however, it’s got a lot of competition.

What does the Galaxy A53 5G look like?

The Galaxy A53 5G follows what has seemingly become a design formula for Samsung. It has a nearly borderless screen with a hole punch cutout for the selfie camera, while the back of the device has a matte finish with a cutout for its multilens camera.

Whats the difference between the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy S22?

Since the Galaxy A53 5G is a less expensive phone, it also runs on a less powerful processor. The Galaxy A53 relies on Samsungs midrange Exynos 1280 chip, while the pricier Galaxy S22 lineup is powered by either Qualcomms Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Samsungs Exynos 2200.

What type of processor does Samsung Galaxy A53 5G have?

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G features Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor. It has 6.5 inches screen, for the graphics processing it has Adreno 642L. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G runs on the Android 11 operating system.

How much is Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in USA and Canada?

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G price in USA is expected to be $499.99. This price in USA is for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant. Not available on any carriers. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G price in Canada is expected to be $659.99. This price in Canada is for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant.

What is the Samsung One UI on the Galaxy A53 5G?

One UI 4.1 looks even cleaner than v.3.x, but its logic remains the same - there are homescreen, widgets, notification centre, task switcher and an app drawer. As we mentioned, the Galaxy A53 5G doesnt have all of the One UI 4.1 features.

Can the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G do Dex?

Plus, the A53 5G cant do video out from its USB Type-C port, which is kind of the primary way to use DeX. The Link to Windows feature provides you with an interface to your phone from your computer so you can exchange images, manage notifications on your PC or even make calls from it.

Why is Samsung Galaxy A53 5G better than Google Pixel 6? 8.37% more battery power? 38.71% more megapixels (main camera)? 4x more megapixels (front camera)?

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 at $450?

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