How many servers does anihub have?

AniHub | Discord Me ⊱ ─────────────────ஓ๑Welcome to AniHub๑ஓ Categories Login Login with Discord Home Bots Random Server Categories Anime 7,201 Servers Art 2,467 Servers Beliefs 541 Servers Bot 802 Servers Business 1,139 Servers Community 24,057 Servers Crypto 1,771 Servers Design 481 Servers Education 1,179 Servers Emoji

What languages does anihub support?

Primary LanguageEnglish (English)German (Deutsch)French (Français)Russian (Русский)Japanese (日本語)Korean (한국어)Portuguese (Português)Brazilian Portuguese (Brasil Português)Spanish (Español)Chinese (中文)Arabic (العربية)Hindi (हिन्दी)Dutch (Nederlands)Romanian (Românește)Czech (Čeština)Italian (Italiano)Hungarian (Magyar) Join Server AniHub Join Server

What are the new features of anidb?

With your feedback and suggestions, new features are brought to AniDB. Your participation will transform AniDB into the most informative anime database on the Internet. Braids is a style of hair in which the hair is interweaved into locks. Braids can be displayed in various styles, such as twin braid tails or a braided hair hairband.

How do I make an anonymous submission to anidb?

If you wish to make an anonymous submission, send an AniDB forum PM to CDB-Man instead. The voting period will be from 2022-Feb-12 Saturday to 2022-Feb-20 Sunday. You may vote on as many images as you like. If we suspect vote stuffing, then the staff will take this into consideration when looking at the results, and discard entries if needed.

How many 1U servers are in a data center?

If you judge by how many servers can fit in a 8-tile pitch configuration within a certain amount of square feet, there could be up to 2,688,636 1U servers in a high tier data center. A more accurate estimate might come from calculating how many servers could be used with a given energy capacity.

How many server racks in a 1 million square foot data center?

Ratio of occupied tiles vs blank tiles: 28 / 44 = .636 (63.6% of room occupied by server racks) With this math, we estimate that in a 1 million sq ft data center with 65% of the site being used for servers using only 52U racks, there can be 2,688,636 1U servers, 1,344,318 2U servers or 896,212 3U servers.

How much power does a server rack use?

With a total of 850 Megawatts (850,000 Kilowatts), this means that there can be 15,454 server racks at full capacity. This brings into question how much power is typically used per rack. It can be fragmented into tiers of low, mid and high powered usage.

What is 2Bs Hangout?

2bs Hangout, a Community server built to make friends, Talk about a variety of Topics From Anime & Gaming to even things like Crypto & NFTs Join to help build (Our) Community ?

How can anidb clients help you?

One of the key features of AniDB Clients is the automated detection of all anime on your computer. They offer a very simple and fully automated way of adding all your anime to your anime list ( MyList) on AniDB and can help you to keep your anime collection organised.

What does anidb stand for?

AniDB stands for Ani me D ata B ase. AniDB is a non-profit anime database that is open freely to the public. This means that all users have the ability to add or edit information on AniDB. Although there are many features available to registered users, AniDBs mission has three main objectives:

What is anidbs mission?

Although there are many features available to registered users, AniDBs mission has three main objectives: AniDB contains information about all Japanese anime (TV series, OVA, movies, etc.) that can be accessed through the Animelist.

Can I use the anidb logo in my image?

You are allowed to use the AniDB logo in your image, and it is encouraged! Original content is preferred, remixed content is acceptable. Since the images will be posted on our public Patreon page, all images must be family-friendly, for all ages. 18+ / adult images will not be accepted.

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