Café santiago porto

café santiago porto

What is Café Santiago F?

As an independent project, managed by Filipe Pereira, it is the first expansion of Café Santiago, thanks to a team with a great amount of confidence, born and raised in the Santiago family over the last few years. The Café Santiago F is a relaxed and welcoming space where the top priority is quality.

Where to eat in Porto city?

Considered one of the 50 best sandwiches in the world and one of the 10 best flavors in Europe, Francesinha Santiago® is today one of the greatest gastronomic icons of Porto City and Portugal. And it is at Café Santiago that Francesinha presents herself at her highest quality and recognition. Welcome and enjoy.

Where to eat in Santiago de Chile?

Cafe Santiago came recommended by several “locals” and did not disappoint. This is the place to experience the famous “la francesinha” sandwich. Come hungry and dine in a welcoming atmosphere.

Where to eat Francesinha in Porto?

The receptionist at our apartment recommended Cafe Santiago as the place to try Portos signature dish, Francesinha. We visited for lunch, with an appetite, after our Segway tour. We were seated outside, after a 20 minute wait for a table. The Francesinha is a monster... More Helpful? Very popular place among locals so we gave it a try.

What is the history of Café Santiago?

Officially founded in 1959, Café Santiago opened its doors quite before, in the 1930s, as pasture and barroom house. Over time, it went undergone several major renovations as it almost nothing remains of its original decoration.

What is it like to eat at Café Santiago in Santiago?

at Café Santiago are great. Very welcoming, very friendly, very hospitable and working hard to churn these out like clock work. Expect to queue to get a table but if youre like us and dont mind sitting at the bar then you shouldnt have to wait too long, its a well oiled operation with a quick turnaround.

What is the francesinha Santiago®?

The Francesinha Santiago® has always been our primary reference, having emerged as the result of the development and improvement of the typical Francesinha in Porto, by dedicated elements of the Pereira family.

What is Santiagos hotdog?

The Santiago’s Hotdog is also one of our most popular references. When it’s served with sauce, some call it the Francesinha in a longer shape. With crunchy dog bread, fresh sausage, linguiça, ham and cheese, Santiago’s Hotdog is assumed as an unique snack , or as a delicious appetizer, or even a good old simple snack.

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