Why is Thanos so popular?

Why Thanos is so popular? popular; thanos; 1 Answer. 0 votes . Thanos grew popularity and notoriety amongst the fans with his given confidence and conviction to fulfill on his mission. The way he deals with situations without appearing emotionally triggered, even when things appear to be desperately close to the end for him, is a quality of a ...

Was Thanos really that bad?

While logically Thanos is good because he was feeding beings throughout the universe and giving spreading the rearranging the resources among populations, he was bad because he killed many beings doing so. In other words, his motives were good, but his plan on how to get there wasnt good, that is why so many people consider him as a bad being.

What does Thanos think of You?

Thanos mission in Avengers: Infinity War is to destroy one-half of the universe to save the other. Thats either genius or horrific, depending on your point of view, Feige explained. And most of our point of views say its pretty horrific.

Why is Thanos so obsessed with saving lives?

The fact is Thanos believes he is on a mission to save a life before overpopulation causes acts of self-destruction leading to all life being lost. We can sympathize in this regard, as in his backstory this is precisely what happened to his people on the planet Titan.

Is Thanos the most popular character in the MCU?

Since Infinity War came out, not only has Thanos become one of the most prominent and popular characters of the MCU but is one of the most dominant characters seen in the franchise. Was Thanos Right All Along?

What does Thanos mean when he says hes not the only one?

Originally Answered: What does Thanos mean when he says to Iron Man that hes “not the only one cursed with knowledge”? Well, He was just trying to let it be known that he was a genius as well. He knew about Tony from the attack on New York. (the first Avengers movie) I’m sure that Thanos was informed of who nuked his army and messed up his plans.

Why does Thanos say he is disappointed with Gamora?

Thanos is upfront with his intent and action. He is a man confident in his own mission and in himself. This line is said to Gamora aboard Sanctuary I, and it comes off as deeply disappointed. Gamora is Thanos favorite child, and she lied to him to keep the Soul Stone hidden. Dishonesty isnt a quality Thanos wants to see in any of his children.

Why cant Thanos use knowledge?

Because knowledge when used in the wrong way can be a curse and cause doom and destruction just like Thanos knows the nature of infinity stones and how it can kill half of population by bring them together and using just a snap of a finger.

How good is Thanosdialogue in the MCU?

Thanos easily became the most memorable villain of the MCU films in these two cosmic epics, and his thoughtful & often quite deep lines of dialogue are a central reason for that. That said, some of Thanos lines were a little cryptic and may even confuse a viewer on the first viewing.

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