Paolo conte

paolo conte

Is it Paolo Conte or Paolo Conti?

Not to be confused with Paolo Conti. Paolo Conte (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpaolo ˈkonte]; born 6 January 1937) is an Italian singer, pianist, composer, and lawyer notable for his grainy, resonant voice. His compositions are evocative of Italian and Mediterranean sounds, as well as of jazz music and South American atmospheres.

When did Paolo Conte become famous?

Paolo Conte entered the limelight again in 1984 with his first CGD recording, an album with the familiar title of Paolo Conte, which received enthusiastic reviews. He followed this release with a series of successful concerts at the Théâtre de Ville in Paris, receiving critical acclaim throughout France.

What is Paolo Contes musical style?

La personalità musicale di Paolo Conte ha spesso incontrato il mondo dellillustrazione o più precisamente del fumetto, stimolando numerosi professionisti del genere a dedicare al cantautore più di uno schizzo su carta. In particolar modo, è doveroso ricordare, la ricostruzione illustrativa effettuata dallamico e fumettista Hugo Pratt.

Who is on the album cover of Paolo Conte?

The portrait of Paolo Conte on the album cover was the work of Hugo Pratt, a friend. In 1982, Conte wrote the music for the theatre performance of Corto Maltese. In the same year, Hugo Pratt illustrated 20 of Paolo Conte’s songs for a book dedicated to him by the editor Lato Side.

What is the best of Paolo Conte’s music?

The collection The Best Of Paolo Conte was published in Europe in 1996. The 20 songs included in the album make up the first true anthology of Conte’s career: songs which all have a place in the history of the Italian song: “Azzurro”, “Bartali”, “Genova per noi”, “Boogie” and “Via con me”, all interpreted in Conte’s instantly recognisable style.

How old is Paolo Conti?

Paolo Conti (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpaːolo ˈkonti]; born 1 April 1950) is a former Italian football goalkeeper.

When did Paolo Conte start his solo career?

In 1974 Conte recorded his first album, Paolo Conte. The following year, he released another eponymous album. Following a series of well-received shows at Club Tenco in Sanremo in 1976 and the commercial success of his third album, Un gelato al limon, Conte concentrated almost exclusively on his solo career.

Who are Paolo Contis parents Jean and Renato Contis?

Paolo Contis was born to his Filipino mother, Jean Contis, and Italian father, Renato Soru Contis. He has featured his parents several times on his social media.

Who is Paolo Conte?

One of the most idiosyncratic, charismatic, and internationally successful Italian singer/songwriters of the past four decades, Paolo Conte created his own unique style, combining a love for jazz and music hall together with a weary yet sympathetic and humorous understanding of human foibles.

What is Antonio Contes style of play?

What is Antonio Contes style of play? Antonio Contes teams are often described as playing with a counter-attacking style, but while the Italian utilises the counter-attack, it would be unfair to suggest his teams are particularly defensive.

How old was Conte when he started playing piano?

Born to a well-to-do Asti (Piedmont, Italy) family in 1937, Conte began to learn the piano at an early age, together with his younger brother Giorgio Conte -- who would also become a famous songwriter in his own right -- at the insistence of their father, a distinguished notary but also a passionate jazz amateur.

What did Conte Conte do for a living?

Following in the familys footsteps, Conte became a lawyer and practiced the profession until well into his thirties. Contemporaneously, he played the vibraphone in several local jazz bands.

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