Kawasaki z900

kawasaki z900

What is the difference between the 2022 Kawasaki Z900 and z900rs?

The current Z900s are direct descendants of the 1972 Z1, and the 2022 Kawasaki Z900 and Z900RS 50th Anniversary editions pay homage to their common ancestor. The Z900 takes the ’72 Z1’s place in the lineup as a modern upright naked sportbike, while the Z900RS features styling touches that directly evoke the original Z1.

What kind of engine does the Kawasaki Z900 have?

That means you will still get the 948cc inline four-cylinder motor, producing a relatively modest 125 horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque, the same tubular steel chassis and subframe and identical Sugomi styling from Kawasaki’s patented, err, Sugomi department. Aside from the suspension and brakes, the Z900 hasn’t changed an awful lot over the years.

Is the z900 a good car?

The Z900 might weigh a relatively bulky 210kg, but it’s nicely planted, balanced and lithe on the move. Steering has easy poise and there’s lots of meaty, tactile stopping power at both ends, but the front brake lever is too far away, even on its minimum span adjustment.

What is the price of the 2022 Kawi z900?

MSRP on the 2022 Z900 is $9,099 for either of the two-tone colorways. For 2022, pick Pearl Robotic White and Metallic Spark Black or Metallic Matte Twilight Blue and Metallic Spark Black. I find Kawi in the enviable position of having a slightly superior product at a less expensive pricing point.

What is the mileage of the Kawasaki z900rs?

The Kawasaki Z900RS base returns 20 Km/l. Z900RS Vs Z900 – Which has a Better Engine Efficiency? In the powertrain department, the Kawasaki Z900 gets bhp Petrol engine, whereas the Kawasaki Z900RS comes in bhp Petrol engine.

What does the 2022 z900rs have to offer?

The 2022 Z900RS features a 948cc liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine, Assist & Slipper Clutch, horizontal back-link rear suspension, authentic retro styling, iconic teardrop fuel tank, tuned stainless steel exhaust system, round LED headlight, and bullet shaped analogue dials.

What does the 2022 Kawasaki Z900 50th anniversary look like?

The 2022 Kawasaki Z900 50th Anniversary gets Firecracker Red paint, bringing to mind the 1981 GPz1100. Additional styling touches include silver and dark blue highlights, a gloss black frame, plus gold Kawasaki and Z logs on the tank and intake scoop.

What is the price of Kawasaki z900rs in New Delhi?

The ex-showroom price of the Kawasaki Z900 in New Delhi starts at ₹ 8.5 Lakh. On the other hand, Kawasaki Z900RS price in New Delhi of base variant starts at ₹ 15.7 Lakh.

Is the Kawasaki Z900 a good roadster?

Not the Kawasaki’s strong suit, but then, practicality was never what the Z900 was designed for. Being a punchy, tractable roadster, the Kawasaki is reasonable around town (although some slimmer, lighter rivals are better), and is a fun proposition for short, sunny Sunday ride-outs. As with all nakeds, that’s pretty much where it ends.

What do some people not like about the z900?

Some also won’t like the conspicuous lack of electronics and its rise in price. For what it is, though, the Z900 is well-executed. The Z900 is a typical roadster with a slightly aggressive, mildly forward cant: classic super-naked in fact, for better and worse.

Whats new on the 2020 Kawasaki Z900?

The Z900 is updated for 2020, now also with traction control, riding modes, a flagshipstyle 4.3in colour TFT dash, and costs £9045. But under the skin the Z900 has important chassis tweaks that Kawasaki kept quiet about.

Is the z900 better than the Z800?

There’s no doubting the intent: the Z900 is probably bigger and better than the outgoing Z800 (already one of the better midi nakeds) by about 10%. It’s more potent, lighter, more substantial, and for the most part, more integrated and refined in every way, too.

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