Restaurant ponta delgada

restaurant ponta delgada

What are the best places to eat in Ponta Delgada?

#06 – The Rua de Pedro Homem is fast becoming foodie-central for many of Ponta Delgada’s residents, with it’s interesting selection of small, independent restaurants. Rotas Ilha Verde is a firm favourite of ours – a charming, homely vegetarian restaurant.

What is the difference between Ribeira Grande and Ponta Delgada?

These restaurants are north of Ponta Delgada, including in Ribeira Grande, which is on the north coast and is a smaller version of Ponta Delgada. Although Ribeira Grande is the second largest city on São Miguel it has a lot fewer restaurants and most serve more traditional Portuguese food compared to Ponta Delgada restaurants.

Where are the best restaurants in the Azores Islands?

Sao Miguel has always been the most popular destination for visitors to the Azores islands. For foodies looking for locally-sourced seasonal food, her capital Ponta Delgada has some of the Azores’ best restaurants. Here’s our handy guide on where to eat in Ponta Delgada.

Where to eat the best tuna in Sao Pedro?

Restaurant Sao Pedro “Best tuna ever!” “... day and almond crusted tuna the other.” 16. O Rei Dos Pregos “Nice service and quick dinner!” 17. Restaurante o Museu “Great food!” 18. Xitaka “We had lobster and vegetable paella.” 19. Taberna Acor “We had the tuna hot plate which was a very special experience - one to remember!”

Where to eat in the Azores?

This typical Azores restaurant, located in a rustic house in Guadalupe, serves fish, island specialities and some famous seafood dishes cooked in roof tiles. Don’t rush this one. If you want to eat fish and shellfish with a view on the sea, go to Dolphin.

Which is the best Azores island after Sao Miguel?

If you want nightlife, Faial is the Best Azores island after Sao Miguel. Unlike other islands where lodging and restaurants are more spread out, everything is largely centered in Horta, Faial’s biggest city. Don’t miss the famous nautical themed Peter’s Cafe.

How much does it cost to eat out in the Azores?

Eating out in the Azores was very affordable. Our dinners averaged around $30 total for an appetizer, 2 mains, a dessert, and a large bottle of sparkling water. I’m sharing our favorite restaurants on each island we visited.

Where to buy fresh fruit in the Azores?

If you visit the island of Sao Miguel, stop by the Market in Ponta Delgada to stock up on local fruit sold by farmers. I was so impressed with the abundance of fresh vegetables on the islands. The Azores are known as the most self-sustaining islands in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

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