When does traitor by Olivia Rodrigo come out?

Traitor (stylized in all lowercase) is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo. The song is set to be released to US radio formats on August 9, 2021, through Geffen Records, as the fourth single from Rodrigos debut album Sour (2021).

What genre is the song traitor?

An indie pop and guitar-rock ballad, Traitor was written by Rodrigo and Dan Nigro, and was produced by the latter. Before it was promoted as a single, upon Sour s release, Traitor became a fan-favorite and achieved commercial success. Music critics praised the song for its vocals and lyrics, and picked it as an album highlight.

Who is the biggest traitor in US history?

10 of the Biggest Traitors in the History of The United States 1 Aldrich Ames. ... 2 Tokyo Rose (Toguri Iva) “Tokyo Rose” is a collective nickname for several women who worked for Radio Tokyo during World War II. 3 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. ... 4 Robert Hanssen. ... 5 John Walker, Jr. ... 6 Benedict Arnold. ...

Who was the real traitor of the French Revolution?

In August 1896, the new chief of French military intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Georges Picquart, reported to his superiors that he had found evidence to the effect that the real traitor was the Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy. Picquart was silenced by being transferred to command a tirailleur regiment based in Sousse Tunisia, in November 1896.

What is Olivia Rodrigos traitor about?

And you told me I was paranoid? On the aptly titled “traitor,” Olivia Rodrigo reflects on what went wrong in a past relationship, the feeling of being betrayed, and still missing what she had. She follows the same ideas in some of her other songs, such as her January 2021 breakout hit, “drivers license,” and “enough for you.”

Who wrote the song traitor by Olivia Rodrigo?

Even if foundationally the addressee of “Traitor” is Joshua Bassett, the narrative was likely embellished to really drive home this feeling of heartbreak on behalf of the vocalist. Dan Nigro is the producer of this song. He also co-wrote it with Olivia.

Who is Olivia Rodrigostraitorabout?

The meaning behind Olivia Rodrigos Traitor lyrics explained. Olivia Rodrigo s debut album Sour is here and fans think her Traitor lyrics are about Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter.

How old is Olivia Rodrigo now?

At the time the 18 year old Olivia is a music sensation. She had actually dropped one of the hottest tracks of the year in January. And the said track is titled “Drivers License”. Both “Drivers License” and “Traitor” appear on her maiden album, “Sour”. Prior to all of this she was better known as actress/singer.

Who was the most infamous traitor in American history?

Biography American Revolutionary War general Benedict Arnold (1741 – 1801) is the United States’ most infamous traitor, and one whose name has become an epithet, synonymous with treason and betrayal.

What is the name synonymous with traitor in the United States?

The name synonymous with traitor in the usa is Benedict Arnold. You know how people sometimes say “you are an Einstein if you are smart? Well, you are a Benedict Arnold if you are a traitor. Snowden and others may be listed as traitors but you dont hear their names being used as synonymous with traitor.

Was a vice president also one of its greatest traitors?

In fact, critical testimony against her was later found to be false and coerced, to the extent that President Gerald Ford pardoned D’Aquino in 1977. Yes, an American Vice President was also one of its greatest traitors. Fresh off his duel with Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr noticed his political career was now as dead as Hamilton was.

What is considered treason in the US?

he act of treason can be defined as the attempt to overthrow the government of the state to which you owe faith, either by a war against the state or by material support given to the enemies of the state. The ten people in this article are among the most famous traitors in the history of the United States.

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