Cabana amarela costa da caparica

cabana amarela costa da caparica

What is the Costa da Caparica?

The Costa da Caparica is the stunning 26km coastline of glorious sandy beaches, powerful Atlantic waves and beautiful natural scenery, that extends along the western side of the Setubal Peninsula. The coastline is named after the largest town of the region, Costa da Caparica, which is a modern and lively resort town.

What is a cabana Azul?

Cabana Azul is a beautiful typical beach cabin facing the Atlantic located atop the sand dune. Large windows boasting ocean view, white washed spac... Cabana Azul - Huts for Rent in Costa da Caparica, Setúbal, Portugal Skip to content We’re sorry, some parts of the Airbnb website don’t work properly without JavaScript enabled. Become a host Sign up

What are the best things to do in Costa da Caparica?

Further down the coast is the traditional fishing village of Fonte da Telha, the pretty lagoon of Lagoa de Albufeira and vast expanses of pristine beaches. Much of the southern Costa da Caparica coastline lies within the “Arriba Fóssil”, and this nature preserve has protected the fossil rich-cliffs coastline from any major development.

What makes Costa da Caparica so special?

The Costa da Caparica coastline faces the might of the Atlantic Ocean, and onto the wide, sandy beaches powerful waves break, making it ideal for surfing and kitesurfing. From these beaches, fishermen employ traditional Xávega fishing techniques (by hauling the nets on to the beach) and with catches ladened with sardines.

What is C Osta da Caparica?

C osta da Caparica (or Costa de Caparica, as some claim to be the correct name) is an uninterrupted, seemingly endless 15km-long stretch of dune-backed sands. It’s just half of a 30km-long coastline south of Lisbon, and is where everyone from the region goes to on a warm and sunny day.

Why is it called Capa-Rica?

From there the name Capa-Rica developed, for capa ( cape) and rica ( rich ), which became associated with the region. Legend suggests that, in 1800, the Costa da Caparica was the site for the Casa da Coroa (the first house of rock and limestone) which received its importance for a little-known fact.

What can you see from Costa de Caparica?

You can see all of Costa de Caparica, but also the Lisbon skyline, the dark peaks of the Serra de Sintra, Cabo Espichel to the south and the fortresses that guard the mouth of the Tagus. A few metres from the lookout there’s a convent built in 1558.

Is Costa da Caparica a good place to surf?

Being in Portugal is a perfect place for surfing, and if you don’t try it, it’s a shame! So if you’re intermediate or pro surfer, you already know that Costa da Caparica is a great place to surf. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry.

Where to eat in the Costa da Caparica?

Probably the best place to eat at the Costa da Caparica is O Mercado. It has excellent reviews and offers Portuguese cuisines, but also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals. The price is around €30 for a dinner for two. Address: Avenida 1 de Maio. Open for lunch and then again for dinner except for Sundays and Mondays.

Why book a beach holiday in Costa da Caparica?

If you want to party, sunbathe in peace, surf the beach breaks, or strip down to your birthday suit there’s a beach for you in Costa da Caparica. And if you don’t have a car the convenient transpraia tram will get you where you need to go, shuttling up and down the shore.

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