Sony x90j

sony x90j

What is the Sony x90j TV?

The Sony X90J is part of the Sony TV 2021 collection that includes the new A90J and A80J OLED TVs, plus the X95J and X80J 4K LED-LCD TVs. The X90J, reviewed here, is the middle child of the lineup and offers many of the best features of the high-end TVs minus the color sensor of the Z9J or the X-Contrast Pro of the A90J OLED.

Which is better Sony x90j or Sony x900h?

Contrast with local dimming 6,221 : 1 The Sony X90J has an outstanding contrast ratio, better than the Sony X900H, and it also has a full-array local dimming feature to improve the black level further. It displays deep blacks, which makes it well-suited for dark room viewing. Note that contrast can vary between units.

How good is the x90j’s picture quality?

The TV does an incredible job taking HD content and upscaling to 4K, and native 4K HDR content – especially those shot in Dolby Vision – look exceptionally beautiful. Again, that’s no surprise because we felt the exact same way about the X90J’s predecessor, the Sony X900H. So what’s changed in the picture quality department?

How does the x90j work with the PS5?

When the X90J detects a gaming source like the PS5, it automatically will turn on the TV if it is off and swap over to Game Mode. Game Mode deactivates many of the processors that Sony has running for high-quality picture content in exchange for low latency and low input lag.

What should you know about Sony x90j?

What Should You Know about Sony X90J? Sony X90J is 4K LED TV series that positioned below Sony X95J as the top 4K LED TV series from Sony’s 2021 TV lineup.

Is Sony x90j 4K LED TV available in 2021?

When we talk about 4K LED TV in 2021, we can find Sony X90J and X80J (X80CJ) as two 4K LED TV series introduced by Sony as part of their 2021 TV lineup.

Does Sony x90cj support HDR and HDR10?

Sony X90CJ already supports HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision that allows us to enjoy enhanced details and expanded contrast from wide range of HDR content sources. XR Motion Clarity is integrated as the motion technology of Sony X90CJ.

Does Sony x90cj support VRR and allm?

Sony X90CJ also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) that can brings more immersive gaming experience on the screen of those two TVs. Google TV (Android TV) is the operating system of Sony X90CJ.

Is the Sony x90j good for gaming?

Sonys X90J delivers on the promise of its predecessor by addressing many of its issues, with the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 support and a brand new processor making it a good option for next-gen gamers and videophiles. Sony X90J 50 Inch TV: BRAVIA... Sony XR55X90J 55 4K High... Sony - 65 Class BRAVIA XR... Sony 75 inch X90J HDR 4K UHD...

Is the Sony Bravia x90j the best mid-range 4K TV?

Find out why the Sony X90J is rated one of 2021’s best mid-range 4K TVs. Sony Bravia X90J Overview – Is The Picture Quality Worth The Price? The staff at is comprised of experts across many fields who strive to help you learn and make better informed buying decisions.

How does the Sony x90j look from the front?

The Sony X90J looks great from the front, and mediocre from the side and back. The thin bezels are fabulous and the understated logo on the front along with the slim legs looks great. The television is also extremely thin. From the front and the sides, its great.

How does the x90j compare to the x900h?

The X90J has a better picture than last years commendable X900H, and while the X90J didnt perform quite as well as the TCL 6-Series, the two were very close in my side-by-side comparisons.

How is Sony X90j for Xbox Series X and PS5? Really want to find the TV that fits me the best. Seems like X90j is a top choice from this thread. Thanks The Sony X90J can display a 4K @ 120Hz from both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Is the Sony x90j 4K TV worth buying?

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