What is Cambodia called in English?

Cambodia (/kæmˈboʊdiə/ ; Khmer: កម្ពុជា, or Kampuchea IPA:), officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia (Khmer: ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា, Preăh Réachéanachâk Kâmpŭchéa, IPA:), is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

What is Cambodia famous for?

Cambodia is largely a land of plains and great rivers and lies amid important overland and river trade routes linking China to India and Southeast Asia. The influences of many Asian cultures, alongside those of France and the United States, can be seen in the capital, Phnom Penh, one of a handful of urban centres in the largely rural country.

Where is Cambodia on the map?

Where is Cambodia? Cambodia occupies an area of 181,035 sq. km in mainland Southeast Asia. As observed on the physical map above, Cambodia is primarily a low-lying country with the Central Plain occupying an extensive part of its area.

What is the capital of Cambodia?

Phnom Penh is the nations capital and largest city. The sovereign state of Cambodia has a population of over 15 million. Buddhism is enshrined in the constitution as the official state religion, and is practised by more than 97% of the population.

What is another name for Cambodia?

Cambodia or Kampuchea (officially called Kingdom of Cambodia) is a country in Southeast Asia.

What language is spoken in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, Khmer is the official language and spoken by nearly 90% of the population. However, there are several different languages that constitute the country’s vast linguistic system. In this article, we will help you to answer the question: What language is spoken in Cambodia? 1. The Official Language of Cambodia

What is Cambodian French?

Cambodian French is a French dialect that is spoken on certain occasions in Cambodia, especially in court environments. Although French was the dominant foreign language in Cambodia for a long time, English replaced French since 1993.

What are the neighboring countries of Cambodia?

Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand are the neighboring countries of Cambodia. The people of the country are called Cambodians, and the Khmer language is the official language of Cambodia.

Where is Cambodia located?

Cambodia is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, Vietnam to the east, Laos to the north, and Thailand to the northwest. Cambodia is located in southeastern Asia.

What are the major landforms in Cambodia?

Major lakes, rivers,cities, roads, country boundaries, coastlines and surrounding islands are all shown on the map. Battambang, Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang, Kamport, Kohnieh, Kompong Thom, Krakor, Kralanh, Kratie, Lomphat, Lovea, Pailin City, Phnom Penh, Poipet, Ponlei, Prek Kak, Puok, Pursat, Siem Reap, Sisophon, Stung Treng and Takeo.

What does Cambodia mean in Khmer?

The “Kingdom of Cambodia” (Khmer: កម្ពុជា), or Cambodia for short. “Cambodia” is used most often in the Western world while Kampuchea is more widely used in the East. It is a constitutional monarchy country located in Southeast Asia.

How many islands are there in Cambodia?

Over 50 islands are located off the coast of Cambodia. The highest point in Cambodia (marked by a yellow upright triangle on the map) is the 1,810 m (5,938 ft) high Phnom Aural. The Gulf of Cambodia is the lowest point at 0 m. Cambodia (officially, Kingdom of Cambodia) is divided into 21 provinces (khett) and 1 autonomous municipality (krong).

Phnom Penh is the capital and most populous city of Cambodia. Q: What is the capital of Cambodia? Write your answer...

What are the key facts of Cambodia?

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