Tarifários vodafone

tarifários vodafone

What services does Vodafone Portugal offer?

Vodafone Portugal - 5G, Telemóveis, Internet, Televisão O seu operador de comunicações: rede 5G, pacotes Tv Net Voz com fibra, loja online com os últimos telemóveis, internet móvel e muito mais. Skip to content

What is Telemóveis my Vodafone Exclusivo?

Telemóveis My Vodafone Exclusivo Online Especial Dia da Criança: adira à fibra da Vodafone e receba um relógio NEO com 6 meses de serviço incluídos. Ver Pacotes

What is Promoção tarifário red?

Promoção Tarifário Red O tarifário móvel ideal para toda a família com desconto de €6/mês e oferta de 3 meses de HBO Max e Amazon Prime. Saber mais Vodafone You 10 GB

What is the phone number for Vodafone customer service?

Apoio ao Cliente    911691200 (taxação à tarifa rede móvel Vodafone)    |    16912 (tarifa aplicável e outras linhas de contacto aqui) Follow us Social Contacte-nos

Whats new at Vodafone Portugal?

In September 2015, Vodafone Portugal becomes the first TV operator in the world to launch a service for smart watches. Customers of Vodafones TV service are now able to watch TV channels live on their wrists. Vodafone Portugal starts offering VoLTE and is the first operator in Portugal to offer VoLTE, the most advanced 4G voice technology.

What services does Vodafone offer?

We offer a wide variety of products and services to consumers, businesses, governments and partner organisations in Europe and our Rest of World regions. Vodafone is a leading provider of digital products and services for consumers and businesses across our markets.

Does Vodafone have an Internet Box in Porto?

Then we was promised to get a internet box at the Vodafone store in Porto, so we could get internet for the weekend. We arrived at the store, and now they don’t have it for us. Costumer service is suddenly not a part of this company. Not be working because of a little rain?? Come on.

How many customers does Vodafone manage for roaming?

We manage the global roaming connectivity for Vodafone and other businesses. We ensure over 750 million mobile customers and devices can confidently connect in virtually every country of the world. More than 90 mobile operators and other businesses, including some of the worlds top players,use our roaming services.

If you are using Vodafone number to contact the Vodafone Customer Care, call at 111. This is a 24X7 Customer Care number. Whereas, if you are using any other number, you can call at 9820098200. How do I activate outgoing calls on Vodafone? To activate an outgoing daily plan, Vodafone subscribers will have to dial 444 500# from their phone.

How do I call Vodafone from Australia?

This phone should be free to call from a residential UK landline or mobile at any time between 8am to 8pm daily. Does Vodafone have a 24 hour Helpline? There is a 24 hour helpline for Pay Monthly Mobile customers available through the normal Vodafone contact number for customer service.

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