What is Kinto go?

For corporate or personal travel in and out of the city, the KINTO Go services tailor a range of mobility solutions to your needs, saving you time and money on every trip.

Is Kinto right for You?

Then KINTO is perfect for you. Book a car from an hour to as long as you want. Youve got the need, weve got the car. I recently moved to a new place that needed a renovation. I honestly dont know how I would have managed without KINTO.

What is a Kinto flex car subscription?

KINTO Flex is the car subscription service that makes it easy for you to have access to your own car, 30 days at a time. And if you need a different car for the next subscription period – it’s easy to switch. Included in your KINTO Flex car subscription!

What is Kinto Co Ltd?

Toyota City, Japan, February 5, 2019―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces today it has established KINTO Co., Ltd. 1 (KINTO), a new company to manage and operate its beloved-car subscription service 2 that proposes a new user-car relationship.

What is Toyota Kinto all about?

Toyota has a global vision to evolve into a mobility company - and that’s where KINTO comes in. Together, Toyota and KINTO are working towards a shared mission to deliver ever better, sustainable mobility for all and build a better future.

What is 4 Kinto one?

1 Name signifying a service that quickly appears when necessary, enabling mobility as per the users wishes like a kintoun (Japanese for flying nimbus) 4 KINTO ONE services will be available from Toyota dealers within Tokyo except for TOYOTA NISHITOKYO COROLLA, Netz Toyota Tama, and Netz TOYOTA TOTO dealers.

What is a flex Kinto?

Kinto Flex: This is a short-term, flexible vehicle subscription service, allowing Kinto customers to enjoy the full range of Toyota vehicles. It enhances the freedom of car ownership by offering access to various car types throughout the year, with all services and necessary maintenance included.

What is Kinto one?

KINTOs origin lie in the word Kinto-un - Japanese for flying nimbus - a service that quickly appears and, no matter where you are or what time it is, takes you wherever you wish to go. KINTO ONE is a personal medium-term subscription programme tailored for the modern lifestyle.

What is the Kinto ride service?

KINTO Ride is an on-demand shuttle service with a difference. Your individual mobility needs are at the heart of KINTO Ride. Our ride-hailing service combines the affordability and convenience you expect with a high-quality service and professionalism you’ll really appreciate.

What is the difference between Kinto join and Kinto go?

Kinto Join: This is a new corporate car-pooling solution for employees to create their own private transportation network, launched in Norway and Italy and soon to be delivered in the UK. Kinto Go: A multi-modal aggregator which coordinates journey planning, public transport ticketing, parking, taxi services and events.

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