Neymar chelsea

neymar chelsea

Is Neymar moving from Barcelona to Chelsea?

Contact has been established between Neymar and Chelsea, according to a report, although it remains to be seen if a transfer will materialise. Neymar became the most expensive footballer in history when he left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. Soon, it could be time for him to make another high-profile move.

What has Rivaldo said about Chelsea and Neymar?

Brazil legend Rivaldo has delivered a message to Thomas Tuchel over ‘big club’ Chelsea and their interest in signing Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain.

Is Neymar still a good player at 30 years old?

‘At 30-years-old he still has a couple of more seasons at the highest European level and even if he leaves PSG I’m sure he will continue to show all his magnificent skills in Europe on a regular basis.’

Is Neymar leaving Paris Saint-Germain?

Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. has been linked with reports about him wanting to exit Paris Saint-Germain for quite some time now. Neymar ended an injury-prone 2021-22 season as the Ligue 1 champions with the team after scoring 13 goals and assisting eight times in the 28 games.

Is Neymar the best player in the world?

Neymar is not just a good player but a fantastic one incredibly gifted and have groomed himself as one among the best. But there are reason why he is not able to be on same level as Messi or Ronaldo is Without a doubt both Messi and Ronaldo are kind of alien.

Is Neymar overrated as a footballer?

Now Neymar is probably better than other players like Bale, Reus or Mahrez and many more players in the same position. Passi Absolutely not. Looking at the start of his good era when he just came into the spotlight, as the so called ‘Youtube boy’, one could say he is overrated.

Is Neymar older than Pele when the 2022 World Cup starts?

By a strange quirk of fate, when the 2022 World Cup starts in Qatar, the forward will be almost to the day the same age as the legendary Pele when he retired from the international game in 1971. But there is a huge difference -- even if Neymar (70) is well on course to overtake Pele (77) as Brazils all-time top goal scorer.

When did Neymar become a forgotten player?

After winning nine trophies at Barcelona, including being integral to Barcelonas third treble-winning season, Neymar looked for greener pastures after being in the shadow of Messi. This is probably the first moment of when Neymar started to become a forgotten player rather than the major world-class talent he was, and still is.

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